We know how tough it can get for your labels

Our experience working with Life Sciences organisations has helped us to develop durable label solutions to handle a broad range of harsh environments. A wide portfolio ensures you get the label system to accommodate your needs.

We learn your business and customise to your specifications

  • We make sure we understand your process flow and its purpose
  • We consider your container type and size
  • We take into account environmental requirements – such as chemicals, temperature and time duration

From this understanding we then recommend or customise materials, adhesives and laminates to ensure the label withstands your process demands.

Labels to handle every challenge

The trusted label choice of compound storage sites and bio banks, Computype offers:

  • Solutions for tubes, vials, slides, cassettes, microwell plates, medical devices
  • Labels resistant to DMSO, methanol, acetone, alcohol, xylene and staining
  • Materials and adhesives suitable for temperature ranges from 500°C to -196°C and LN2 storage

Harsh Environment Diagram

Tube and vial labelling

  • Labels remain legible after prolonged exposure to deep freeze, liquid nitrogen storage, and chemical exposure
  • Validated for optimal performance in desktop and industrial printers, and with Computype automation solutions
  • Pressure-sensitive or ceramic options for scannability and dependability throughout the life of the sample
  • Off-the-shelf solutions and custom sizes available to best match your application and budget

Microwell plate labelling

  • Suitable for automatic application and barcode scanning
  • Label remains in-tact and legible to -80°C freeze/thaw cycles and an autoclave; resistant to DMSO, methanol, and isopropyl alcohol
  • Several standard sizes available to accommodate for different plate heights and required label information

Slide and cassette labelling

  • Xylene and paraffin resistant cassette labels so you can be sure the sample details remain legible through tissue processing
  • H&E/special stain resistant slide labels for faster test results with no hold ups due to unidentified samples
  • On-demand printing solutions allow for easy creation of cassette labels based on existing slide labels to keep the information flow consistent and accurate


Advice from Computype's expert

Ordinary labels are not designed for extreme environmental conditions found in cryogenic storage facilities. Make sure you know the operating temperature range of your labels. Not just how cold they will perform, but also if they need to withstand abrasion to chemicals. Nothing is more harmful than a label that falls off or can’t be read.

-Bill Hines, Regional Manager, Healthcare