READY Labware Services | Pre-barcoded and tared labware

There are millions of reasons to trust Computype with all of your labware container prepping activities:

The process of sourcing, barcoding, taring, and packing labware is a crucial, yet time consuming activity, and we understand you can't even consider outsourcing without good reason. The fact is, seven of the top 20 big pharmaceutical companies trust their container prepping activities to us, and ship millions of pieces of precisely barcoded, tared, and kitted labware every year.

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Gain instant benefits

  • Allowing Computype to source your labware leads to a reduction in processing times, paperwork, and inventory, which ultimately boosts efficiencies
  • Trusting Computype to barcode your labware frees up personnel for more productive research activities, whilst reducing the risk for repetitive strain injuries
  • Barcode Sequence Management Services ensure unique identification for each sample, which saves time, effort, and costs
  • Precision barcoding &/or placement guarantees scannability to ensure proper communication with your automation system
  • Improve delivery times & maintain proper chain-of-custody for you and your customers when utilizing our labware kitting and packing  services


Sourced, barcoded, tared, and packed labware ready to use upon delivery via our READY Labware Service Program

With Computype you'll receive your labware pre-barcoded via the best technology to suit your application needs.  Sourced, barcoded, tared, and packed according to your specifications, delivered to your door or to your customer's location. 

This convenient, modular program adds up to time saved, and more of your resources focused where they matter most:  on research, development, and testing.  READY Labware Services offer labware that’s ready when you are.


READY Labware Services

READY Labware Services

Advice from Computype's expert

Remember to consider outsourcing the labeling of containers. Researcher’s time is valuable.

-David Richmond, Regional Manager, Healthcare