Automation that enhances workflows

Each lab and process is different, so Computype’s individualistic approach ensures you and your customers receive innovative labels and integratable automation solutions that seamlessly incorporate into your workflow.

Automate as much or as little as you need

For many, the benefits of increased efficiencies and productivity lead to the desirability to invest in fully automated labeling systems. It may be that an integratable labeling solution is the answer for you, but there are also instances when you just need the labels themselves to enhance or accommodate your existing automation process. With Computype, turnkey automation and precision barcode label solutions ensure the end result suits your work and process improvement goals in every respect.

More flexibility, easy integration

  • Automation solutions and precision barcodes designed to integrate into your process for fast, easy implementation and uninterrupted system operation
  • Invest wisely as one Computype auto-labelling solution can accommodate a wide variety of container types and sizes – there’s no need to invest in multiple labelling machines
  • Accomplish more with walk away-automation that delivers two hours of uninterrupted output

Speed up, stay accurate

  • Replacing a noisy vibratory bowl, bulk-feeders automatically sort, orient, and print-and-apply labels to tubes and vials by the hundreds
  • Twice as fast as manual labeling, our automated solutions deliver labelling rates at an average of 900 pieces per hour for increased throughput
  • Application is precise so barcodes can be automatically scanned later in the process without process stoppage and interruption
  • Decrease the risk of human error, and the time/budget associated with re-labelling and waste

Better for researchers

  • Decrease labor-intensive manual labelling activities and the risk of repetitive strain injuries for your team
  • Reduce time associated with automation interruptions caused by irregular or unreliable labels
  • Reduce noise so other work can safely be conducted in the same space as your labelling project

Our team is your team

We always approach the automation design process as a partnership. Our teams prefer to integrate with your production personnel, so we understand your process in detail through close collaboration. That’s how we ensure your needs are met in full and installation is efficient, resulting in an integrated system that will increase throughput and enhance workflows.

Advice from Computype's expert

Printing, applying, and reading small or extremely small labels requires the perfect balance of hardware, software, and consumables. If you skimp on any one of these you run the risk of print-drift and placement issues.

-Jeff Denton, Senior Market Manager, Healthcare