Automation-friendly solutions from start to finish

Computype understands that your process involves a range of activities from manual collection to automatic scanning. This is why we take an individualistic approach that accounts for all the details, to ensure a solution that seamlessly integrates into your operation while also improving productivity.

Integration that reduces errors and increases throughput

For many blood facilities, often times reducing the risk of error is a higher priority than the goal for efficiency and productivity.

With Computype, you don’t have to choose between accuracy and efficiencies; you get both. Strict barcodes and integratable solutions ensure the end result suits the need for accuracy, precision, and efficiencies.

Speed up, stay accurate

  • Save time and improve accuracy with Vision System-scanned DIN labels that ensure a perfect barcode upon delivery to your center
  • Precise barcodes guarantee automatic scanning later in your workflow process without time-consuming interruptions
  • Reduce errors as Computype ensures consistent and compliant solutions
  • Computype blank labels integrate to your existing label printer and software system for easy implementation and improved efficiencies
  • ISBT-128 blank label kits are in stock and ready to ship based on customer demands
  • When perfectly identified at the time of collection, you ensure a smooth process flow for the life of the unit; no relabeling, waste, or confusion

Advice from Computype's expert

Blood banks strive to manage their supplies inventory, including their pre-printed Donation Identification Number (DIN) label sets. As partial rolls come back from collection sites, there’s an easy way to know how many labels are left on an opened roll: Include a small label within the DIN set that indicates the number of labels left on that roll. You’ll know that there are, say, exactly 120 sets left on that roll, so preparing DINs for tomorrow’s draws couldn’t be easier.

-Bruce R Wray, Market Manager, Transfusion Medicine

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More flexibility, easy integration

  • Engineered to be closed-loop and turnkey, Computype provides everything you need for identification and tracking; working with a single, experienced solutions supplier reduces the risk for errors
  • Label solutions and print systems designed to easily integrate with your existing processes for fast, easy implementation
  • Flexibility to replicate and add information to existing labels on-demand allows for increased productivity

Our team is your team

We always approach the implementation and design process as a partnership. Our experienced team will integrate with yours, so we understand your process in detail through close collaboration. That’s how we ensure your needs are met in full, installation is efficient, and your system is completely tailored to your collection, testing, and processing workflow.