Manufacturing tyres involves many demanding processes, and your labels need to be able to withstand all the rigors of the production line and distribution. Better yet, they should be able to add efficiency and cost savings to your production – that’s where we can help.

  • Computype is highly experienced in the worldwide tyre industry, with barcode expertise that’s aligned with your needs
  • Access a range of easily integrated labelling automation solutions
  • Identification and tracking solutions that enhance your processes and reduce costs

Organisations in the belt industry are increasingly demanding more from the systems which mark their products. Computype has the solutions to enable manufacturers to apply branding to their products and real time information in a variety of colours. They are learning that our print-on-demand technology offers many advantages over traditional methods.

  • Print-on-demand provides colour, adaptability and less overhead costs
  • On-product colour printing is easily achieved, changes are quickly and economically actioned - so you can offer your customers new branding opportunities through a system that quickly responds to their needs

With Computype labelling solutions expertise, you can manage processes more effectively and gain deeper insights into how they perform. The results are enhanced efficiencies hand-in-hand with reduced costs.

  • Tailored solutions that handle the most rigorous processes
  • Worldwide manufacturing experience, from electronics to tyre production, automotive to retail
  • Engineering, data management and system integration expertise

With Computype as your GHS implementation partner, the transition will be straightforward, and turn an obligation into a business opportunity.

  • Computype has extensive experience in meeting the challenges of labelling regulations in several industries worldwide
  • Benefit from an end-to-end service, from initial system audit to full final implementation
  • Achieve a tailored GHS solution that also improves your processes, increases efficiency, and reduces costs
Returnable Transport Packaging

Rely on Computype labelling solutions to reliably and efficiently track reusable packaging through the supply chain in an environmentally friendly way. 

  • Rugged labels engineered to remain scannable and affixed ensure proper tracking for long term circulation
  • Benefit from the use of colour for easy tracking visibility and to differentiate your brand amongst competitors
  • Achieve reduced shrinkage through sequence management for guaranteed unique container identity