Rubber presents unique challenges in terms of printing. Traditional methods such as screen printing have been used, despite their limitations and use of hazardous chemicals. However today, Computype can offer a far more effective and versatile print technology through our TransMark solutions.

Having partnered with manufacturers in the transmission belt sector over many years, Computype has built an in-depth knowledge of the processes you use and what you require from print technology. As a result, we have developed TransMark solutions to be closely tailored to your needs.

Belts - Color Branding

Our partners in transmission belt manufacturing have driven Computype’s research and development to a place of practical colour printing for rubber products. By working closely with the tyre and rubber industry we have gained an in-depth knowledge of rubber compounds and the ways they’re processed. So our TransMark solutions are tailored to your applications, taking into account the specific conditions of your production.

  • Colour branding for you and your customer is now a reality for everything from fan belts to airsprings
  • Real-time information can be easily applied and varied
  • Overheads are reduced, stock management is streamlined
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Belts - Print on Demand

Computype’s print-on-demand solution - TransMark, enables you to apply variable images to your rubber products in a variety of different colours.

  • A simple ribbon and media kit, for clean, adaptable, and cost effective printing
  • No requirement to source and store large numbers of pre-printed films, reducing overheads and storage space
  • Clean working environment with no requirement for hazardous substances associated with screen printing
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