Colour Branding for Rubber Belts

Transmission belt manufacturers are increasingly seeking to build brand awareness through on-product branding; the demand today is for multiple colour printing with no compromise on readability. Computype’s colour solutions are making this happen, while keeping costs and process times under control.

Your belts can say more, and Computype makes it happen

With Computype there’s no reason why your rubber belts can’t support a brand in colour, and even achieve Pantone reproduction. We can guarantee that key product information will also remain legible in a range of different colours.

Pantone Colors

Simple colourful solutions

We have worked with transmission belt manufacturers for many years, so we understand your manufacturing process, its demands and cost drivers. Consequently our TransMark solutions are fully aligned with your requirements:

  • Computype’s TransMark solution offers the same dependability as white-only print-on-demand, but adds colour to the mix
  • Print-and-apply real-time information directly to your belts – simplifying and speeding up information presentation and revisions
  • On-demand print system bypasses the solvents and associated hazards of traditional screen printing
  • Computype solutions add flexibility to belt marking – increasing efficiency without compromising process speeds
  • Expert printer maintenance - the key to maintaining print quality

Our expertise comes from your industry

Experience has taught us that certain colours work best in different applications. We know that printing on belts must take into account temperature, pressure and speed; pre and post-cure implications must also be understood.

These are the kinds of issues that Computype knows in detail, so you can be sure your solution will be right first time and easily integrated into your process.

Shane Wilson

Advice from Computype's expert

We have a continuous product development cycle to ensure we meet our customers changing requirements. This ensures we can offer our customers the right product for their rubber branding needs

-Shane Wilson, Product Engineer

Practical benefits

  • A simple ribbon and media kit enables printing of variable designs on your belts without having to hold a large stock inventory
  • Helps reduce overhead costs and streamlines stock management
  • Easy revision of print designs and colours helps you respond faster to customers’ needs
  • Re-work is fast – no need to replace transfers or plates
  • Reduce or eliminate the requirement for clean-up solvents