Rubber compounds can be demanding substrates for printing, and production processes add further complexities to the task. Computype has extensive experience in your industry, so you can be sure we have the expertise and solutions to handle your rubber print challenges.

Computype print-on-demand is the answer

Our TransMark solution allows you to print onto rubber in a variety of colours, to clearly present variable data in a durable format. As a print-on-demand system, TransMark offers practical benefits:

  • No need to buy and store large quantities of pre-printed films – overheads are reduced and storage space freed
  • Presentation revisions are quickly and easily achieved in-house
  • On-product branding easily achieved and changed, in a range of colours
  • None of the mess or hazardous chemicals associated with traditional screen printing

Our solution is widely used in the production of engine timing belts, and is increasingly being adopted by manufacturers of conveyor belts, ATM belts, fan belts and airsprings.

Printer Setup

We understand your processes

Working with companies in the tyre and rubber industries has given us in-depth knowledge of rubber compounds and the ways they are processed.

  • We offer customised solutions – developing the film and ribbon which matches your specification
  • Pre-cure and cure conditions, temperatures, pressure, speed – these are the kinds of factors we tune our system to accomodate

The demands placed on the print system require expert printer maintenance, and Computype teams are fully experienced in this regard.



Work faster and smarter

TransMark’s simple ribbon and media kit allow you to print a variety of data in different colours, helping you be more responsive to customers and implement their changes faster.

You only need a small number of transfers in stock to handle a large variety of print – such as logos, lot numbers, barcodes and date codes. So scrap and obsolete stock are reduced.

Customers’ artwork is downloaded instantly to the printer; and design changes are quickly incorporated via email.

Health, safety, and environmental standards are improved, because no hazardous chemicals are required.

Lee Fernie

Advice from Computype's expert

The setup and balance of your thermal printhead for the TransMark application is critical. If you ensure the printhead is balanced perfectly on the pinnacle of the platen roller then your image quality will improve and your printhead temperature will reduce. This will diminish wear and improve the lifespan of your printhead.

-Lee Fernie, Software Engineer