For over 35 years Computype has been at the forefront of helping industrial organisations identify and track regulated substances and items. In terms of complying with the Globally Harmonised System for classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS), we ensure a straightforward and simple compliance plan, while also working to improve efficiencies and workflows.

GHS - Compliance

With our global experience in leading organisations to accurately and effectively implement labelling regulations, our ability to tailor the approach is proven to work across many different industries and geographies.

  • Regulation experts with chemical industry knowledge work with your team to determine the best solution for your organisation
  • Comprehensive printing and labelling expertise to provide existing process review audits, future-proofing, site surveys, and support
  • We partner with industry groups and affiliates to provide a closed-loop solution to GHS compliance that includes printing and labelling, software, integration, automation, and service.
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