Energy label legislation compliance

Computype has been through the process of implementing consumer awareness labelling in Europe from start to finish with major manufacturers. We can help you make the transition to energy labelling smooth and cost effective.

Make the energy label a positive business opportunity

The energy label aims to create a system which allows consumers to make an informed tyre choice, based on information carried on a tyre’s label. This is driven by the government’s intention to promote road safety, fuel efficiency and to decrease noise levels. Consequently, ratings related to each tyre’s wet grip, rolling resistance, and noise generation are to be clearly displayed in an ‘at-a-glance’ format.

Computype’s European experience allows us to highlight the crucial factors in introducing the energy label to your processes, and make the transition one that positively impacts your plant’s efficiencies.

EU Label Diagram

Early planning is key

From the start, involve your production process teams and engineering, along with logistics personnel and marketing. Integrating all the relevant departments’ requirements at the beginning is central to avoiding expensive and disruptive issues further down the line.

  • Involve Computype’s experts in the process at the earliest opportunity
  • Trial your solution in one plant before roll-out to other facilities
  • Test label materials at the trial stage

Computype’s engineering teams have wide experience of these kinds of implementation. Our teams effectively become part of yours, working closely with your personnel to create a right-first-time solution that is quickly implemented.

Choose your partner carefully

There will be many labelling system suppliers vying for your business, but those with the kind of experience and scope that Computype offers are far less easy to find.

  • Computype has partnered with the tyre industry for many years
  • Our leading expertise in automation helps ensure your solution’s integrity

Automation – the European lessons

After the introduction of consumer awareness labelling in the EU, many European manufacturers are now hastily reviewing their arrangements for tread labelling. While some opted to continue with manual labelling, the reality is that the sheer variation in tyre types makes applying by hand impractical.

Additionally, for tyre plants adopting automated labelling, what looked an unwelcome extra cost forced on them via legislation has actually delivered an opportunity to increase productivity, decrease labelling costs and reduce scrap and rework.

Expect savings to trickle down

A print-on-demand system such as Computype’s Chromaffix offers key advantages over manually applying pre-printed labels.

  • Save time and money by increasing productivity with less manpower
  • Negate costs and logistics of sourcing partial and pre-printed labels form an outside supplier
  • Change label designs quickly and easily – no need to outsource future redesigns and branding developments
  • Integration with your existing production system is straightforward
  • Solutions designed to dependably match your production line speeds

John Newton

Advice from Computype's expert

The tread label contains information about important criteria which help your prospective customers to evaluate the performance of the tyre, ensuring your label remains adhered with no bleed through and continues to look visually appealing at the point of sale is also crucial, therefore the correct material choice is imperative

-John Newton, Managing Director, Tyre & Rubber

Always check the label

The composition of Computype labels give you faultless performance, every time.

  • A high quality glassine liner is used, to ensure the label can be easily and cleanly removed
  • A special purpose rubber-based adhesive gives a strong bond even to winter tyres, without leaving residue when removed
  • A unique barrier coating is applied to the facestock to effectively resist staining
  • The label is finished in a white, super-opaque gloss polypropylene film for durability and dependably excellent presentation

Good tread labelling is great for business

When you select the best quality tread label, you gain benefits beyond merely fulfilling a regulatory obligation.

  • Apparent identification of data such as size, SKU and model numbers through high quality labels - despite rough handling – can be crucial to logistics efficiency
  • Clear, durable labels stand out instore, differentiating your product from competition
  • You invest heavily in tyre design and product quality. High quality labelling reflects this at the point of sale, giving the customer a reassuring message of quality

The current situation

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