Identification and Tracking Services

At Computype we provide barcodes and labelling solutions for many different sectors, but the tyre industry is our specialty. That’s why Computype can help you maximize the benefits of barcoding for your company.

Computype barcode expertise makes your plant work smarter

With Computype you get complete and highly specialized service. Our expertise includes identifying the right barcode symbology for your production, recommending the best labelling system, automating the process and providing the software to integrate everything with your existing systems.

With our expert barcode resources on your project team you have a partner who knows your industry; a professional who understands the details of tyre production.

So whether you’re reviewing your label strategy, overhauling quality procedures, establishing a production line or building a whole new plant, with Computype on the team, you’re guaranteed to achieve the most effective system the first time around.

Barcode benefits are abundant

With the appropriate barcode and associated labelling systems, your tyre manufacturing processes will reach new efficiency heights.

  • The correct barcoding system helps you monitor and control cycle times more effectively
  • Better measurement and data capture give accurate intelligence on system performance
  • Data is efficiently fed back ‘upstream’ into manufacturing and product design processes, hence enhancing quality
  • Real-time data is readily available for production and inventory management; it’s also on tap for sorting, type and classification, palletization and retrieval for delivery – maximizing your performance to your customers

Bead Label Diagram

The best barcode for your business

For most tyre plants and production processes, two established barcode symbologies offer relevant functionality coupled with proven performance:

  • Code 128 – an alphanumeric code which is ideally suited to production processes
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 - a widely used barcode which can contain a high density of numeric data

At Computype we’re also experienced in applying additional systems, such as:

  • 2D barcodes – these use both horizontal and vertical dimensions to hold more data in a compact space
  • Datamatrix – a 2D code that can contain between one and 2,000 characters

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is increasingly being used by tyre manufacturers to add further levels of efficiency and data communication to the production process.

The wi-fi based reader and tag system of RFID is ideally suited to the demands and speeds of tyre production lines. So for example, tags can be applied to tyres and carry instantly readable information, without the need for a ‘line of sight’ between the tag and reader.

In addition to tyre production processes and barcode symbologies, we can advise you on issues such as automation, label materials, application systems, software integration and more.

The right print solution

We can help make sense of the options available, such as thermal print or inkjet.

We’ll guide you through a decision on whether a print-on-demand system or pre-printed stock will suit your needs.

Thermal Transfer Print Technology

Features Advantages Benefits
Proven industrial print technology Low risk investment, validated process, expert resources available Reduced downtime, short learning curve, overall risk reduction
Transfer of heat provides a durable image when used with Computype materials End result survives chemical and water exposure; resistant to smudging Confidence in a reliable solution, label will survive its purpose; reduce need for re-labelling projects
Solution offers black + 1 additional colour option (red for GHS) Only need 2 ribbons = reduction in inventory costs & space allotment Cost savings via Lean-friendly ordering process
Efficient print speed & pristine image quality Increased throughput & operational efficiencies Reduction in label operation costs

Inkjet Print Technology

Features Advantages Benefits
Low cost of ownership (initial investment & maintenance) Economical solution Overall cost savings, budget dollars spent wisely, easily justified investment
Solution provides full colour printing (CMYK) Flexibility to print in full colour (logos, product info, etc.) Potential for multi-tasking budget dollars (compliance & marketing)
Individual ink cartridges Order & replace colours as needed, based on print demand Reduce space & costs dedicated to print supplies & inventory
Provides a durable image when used with Computype label materials End result survives chemical and water exposure; resistant to smudging; BS5609 compliant materials Confidence in a reliable solution, label will survive its purpose; reduce need for re-labelling projects

Different plants have differing needs, so it could be that a complete print-on-demand solution is the best for you. This generates full colour, high quality labels for each and every tyre from blank stock.

Alternatively, a partial-printed system may suit your processes best – allowing tyre-specific information to be added to already-branded stock.

Computype can offer advice on barcode labels which can handle different vulcanization processes, adhesion issues, and labels to survive the rigors of the distribution chain.

Automation expertise

We can also focus our labelling automation experience on your production processes, with all the productivity and efficiency gains that automation can offer.