You’re under pressure to manage an organised supply chain and differentiate your brand from competitors. You have to support efficiency and safety throughout distribution in environmentally-friendly ways. That’s when Computype’s quality, scale, and experience is there for you, delivering the competitive edge for your returnable packaging products.

Solutions that integrate easily

Solutions that integrate easily

Computype label solutions are designed to integrate efficiently with existing automated warehousing and storage workflow systems. Precisely placed and guaranteed-to-automatically-scan, you can depend on our barcodes to optimise the speed and reliability of throughput, and to keep operations running smoothly.

Solutions that survive

Solutions that survive

Because Computype’s labelling expertise is based on over 40 years’ of industrial experience, our labels are engineered to survive extreme conditions and the rigors of distribution. You can be sure that your products’ IDs will continue to support efficient automated handling, saving on shrinkage and cost, year after year.

Solutions that work for the environment

Solutions that work for the environment

Today distribution has a responsibility to work in smarter ways which support green commitments. Computype’s labelling expertise provides the most robust tracking solutions - ideas and technologies which withstand the rigors of logistics, provide efficient, leaner distribution performance, and containers with longer working lives. Furthermore, Computype is strongly committed to processes, materials and technologies which help minimise our own carbon footprint.

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We’ll help differentiate your product

The better the labelling that identifies each returnable tote unit, the better that unit’s performance can be through each distribution cycle, year after year. And creating barcode labels which go the distance to support the quality of your brand is Computype’s speciality.

Factor-in important features such as dependable scannability in automated handling, exceptional branding opportunities, and the use of colour for at-a-glance ID and your product begins to stand out above the rest.

You make your products the best they can be – don’t let that quality or longevity be compromised by less-than-excellent labelling in a busy & competitive marketplace.

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flexible branding


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We’ll give you the technology advantage

For over 40 years Computype has taken a pioneering role in developing barcode labelling systems for industry. Whatever the barcode solution your products require, we can deliver it with certainty.

We’re currently leading the field in applying RFID technology to asset identification. There’s no reason why your reusable totes shouldn’t have intelligence of their own – communicating status in data-rich ways, and enhancing your customers’ logistics control capabilities.


Engineered to add all kinds of value

Computype is essentially a ‘one stop shop’ for reusable packaging labelling requirements – our labels deliver many winning benefits..


  • Durability developed from demanding industry specifications
  • Application flexibility, including pressure sensitive, vacuum and static options
  • Multi-stage checks ensure no duplicate labels


  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Dependable high speed throughput performance
  • Supporting minimised scan faults to reduce labour costs and maintain efficiency


  • Colour differentiation for at-a-glance identification
  • Give yourself and your customers high quality branding opportunities

Pallet Labels Help with Efficient Pick and Pack for DHL

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Options for all applications

Computype’s material science capabilities have led to a range of labelling options which are ideally suited to the tough life of returnable totes of all kinds, in all roles…

Pre-printed or print-on-demand

Pre-printed or print-on-demand

Pre-printed or print-on-demand

Print flexibility allows you to offer specific solutions to suit customers’ needs with precision.

Affixed your way

Affixed your way

Affixed your way

Various label types including pressure-sensitive, in-mould, vacuum static and custom labels mean you can source all your requirements from one local supplier.

Equal to every task

Equal to every task

Equal to every task

Computype’s suite of labels provide resistance to all kinds of demanding environmental situations – chemicals, weathering, rough handling, extremes of heat and cold – you specify the need and we’ll provide the solution.

How Colour Labelling Technology Improves Warehousing & Logistics

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