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How YOU can benefit:

  • Free your team to spend their time on the most cost-effective tasks
  • Gain peace of mind with a long-term economical solution from a trusted partner

  • Reduce time effort and storage space devoted to labelling, and avoid re-labelling projects

  • Cut labour costs and increase productivity

  • Reduce repetitive strain concerns as staff will no longer have to repeatedly apply labels to containers
READY Labware Services

Labware is Delivered:

Procured Labware

Already Procured

Containers can be sourced according to you or your customer's specifications - Computype can recommend the best solution to match process demands and budget

Barcoded Labware

Already Barcoded

Computype manages your sequences, ensures no duplicates, and delivers barcoded containers to suit specified needs

Tared Labware

Already Tared

Releasing skilled scientific staff from a labourious and time-consuming task, an output file is provided for easy reference


Assorted Labware

Already Assorted

Custom packing and kitting services mean labware is ready for use upon delivery, to you or your customers' specifications