Automatic Plate Labelling Solutions – the no-compromise answer for plate labelling challenges

Computype’s Automatic Plate Labeler is designed to accommodate your needs and processes, so you avoid force-fit off-the-shelf compromises.
These are solutions which are designed to meet your lab’s requirements and processes, so you get the performance and specific advantages you need.

Automatic Plate Labelling Benefits

  • Gain control, you determine label sizes and how much data they need to hold, along with how many sides of the plate need to be labeled
  • Eliminate rework and waste, each barcode label is scanned and verified prior to plate application, accounting for every label at the end of a job
  • Gain precision, with label placement tolerance of ± 0.35mm and guaranteed reliable barcode reading for uninterrupted workflow processes
  • Gain flexibility, plate labelers can be customised to suit your lab process and integration requirements and equipment operates with your existing label software systems

Automatic Plate Labeling Grahpic.jpg

Graphic shows repetitive precision label placement of applicator technology

Automatic Plate Labelling Key Features

  • Simultaneously prints-and-applies labels for maximum efficiency
  • Barcode reader scans prior to label application, to guarantee a readable barcode and to eliminate waste and halts in downstream automation
  • Use standalone or integrate with your existing systems
  • Labels up to four sides of the plate in less than 10 seconds
  • Adjustable height axis
  • Faster, more precise, and more flexible than competitive products
  • Accommodates a variety of label sizes
  • Easily integrates with existing software

Automatic Plate Labelling Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Several sizes of label stock available, all of which integrate with Computype Plate Labeler Automation Solutions You determine the label size and how much data is included Avoid force-fit off-the-shelf compromises
Automation includes barcode scanner Scans the barcode prior to plate application. Eliminate rework and bad product; account for every label at the end of a job Save plates!
Offers label placement accuracy of ± 0.35mm Ensures the barcode be applied in the correct place for readability and easy scanning Uninterrupted automation process
Multiple automation solutions The plate labeler can be customised to suit the needs and demands of your process Efficient implementation and integration

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To learn more about Computype plate labelling automation download the Automatic Plate Labelling Solutions brochure, or contact Computype directly