Donation Identification Number Label Sets – Certainty And Flexibility To Match Your Centre’s Needs

Computype is responsible for producing more sequentially-numbered barcode DIN label sets for blood product identification than any other supplier.
Our technologies and systems are proven to perform for all kinds of blood centres worldwide – trusted blood bank label solutions for the most critical tracking process.
vision system scanned and verified

How Your Organisation Benefits

  • The right solution for your centre – our flexible approach provides you with the label set that fits your collection and testing processes
  • Gain certainty – proven software and Vision System technology ensure sequence integrity and eliminate duplicate labels
  • Get the economic answer – we are the only blood label producer to also manufacture our own adhesives, keeping your costs down and your options open
  • Gain peace of mind – all DIN labels are scanned before dispatch, so you know your labels will scan, that they’re in the correct place on the roll and that there are no duplicates
Bruce Wray

Advice from Computype's expert

You re-designed your Donation Identification Number (DIN) label set to accommodate ISBT 128 and haven’t thought much about it since then—right?  A modification to that design optimized for current procedures might save some money and improve your workflow.

-Bruce Wray, Market Manager, Healthcare Transfusion Medicine

Features That Improve Your Collection Process

  • No “force-fit” of pre-defined list of standard labels and layouts – your centre’s needs drive our provided solution
  • Gain certainty – proven software and Vision System technology ensure sequence integrity and eliminate the risk of duplicate labels
  • Precision die-cut labels, piggyback adhesive options and vivid colour coding provide an unmatched solution


Did you know we also supply ISBT 128 and Zika labels?

Choosing to also source blank labels and Zika labels from Computype makes sense for your operations and cost-savings goals – you can simplify and streamline all your labelling needs.

Zika Labels

Watch the Computype Vision System video to see our quality process when producing Donation Number Label Sets

To learn how Computype’s blood bank label solutions enhance your center's collection processes, download the Transfusion Medicine Standard Labelling Solutions Catalog, or contact Computype directly