Tyre Tread Labels – gain the competitive brand advantage and achieve regulatory compliance

Tyre tread labels from Computype are designed to ensure dual capability when it comes to supporting your brand presentation and complying with consumer awareness regulations. Engineered to be utilised with our Chromaffix Tread Label Applicator system, tread labelling now provides additional opportunities for improved efficiencies, streamlined processes and labour reduction. 

Tyre Tread Labelling System

Why Tyre Tread Labels from Computype?

More than a label supplier, Computype provides dynamic solutions to the global tyre industry. Serving tyre plants in more than 40 countries, our labelling systems integrate with and enhance your existing processes to provide flexibility, improved data communication and strategic future proofing.

  1. Options for tyre tread labels and systems ensure flexibility to suit your processes
    • Automatic tread label application reduces overheads and increases efficiencies
    • Full colour print-on-demand ensures efficient and flexible distribution
    • Partially pre-printed labels so you can overprint on-site with your variable data
  2. Brand presentation is improved through consistency and quality
    • High gloss, rugged labels withstand the rigours of production and distribution
    • Easily and quickly replace a torn or dirty label prior to distribution with full-colour print-on-demand
    • Promote legislation compliance with fade-free, durable materials that remain properly adhered
    • Automatic tread label application via Chromaffix ensures consistent placement and properly positioned labels
  3. Improve processes
    • Hi-tac label adhesives provide effective adhesion ensuring every tyre maintains its identity
    • Label application via Chromaffix ensures optimal throughput and keeps pace with your production line
    • Flexibilty and dynamic tyre tread labelling solutions to best suit your processes and support business growth goals

Computype Tyre Tread Labels are engineered with structure and materials that meet the unique needs of the tyre manufacturing and distribution industry.

Tread Label Diagram

To learn more about justifying a Chromaffix tire tread label applicator in your facility, contact Computype today, or download the: