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Labware Identification for Research and Diagnostics

Advanced marking technologies & services to improve throughput

Computype - Ready Labware Short Version 11.21.2017

What are READY Labware Services?

An alternative to hand labelling or automation - READY Labware Services boosts productivity and accuracy as labware is premarked and prepared to your specifications. 

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Flex TVF + Tube Pro

High Volume Automatic Labelling

Want to keep labelling in-house but tired of it slowing you down? Consider label automation. Integratable or stand alone, label automation is both economic and ergonomic.

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Smart Tracking and Verification With RFID

Not sure what's possible with RFID? Explore our joint development service opportunities to learn how RFID can work for you.

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Labels and Printers

Tube & Vial Labels

Trusted to accompany samples and specimens through extended liquid nitrogen storage

Histology Slide Labels

Relied on by leading diagnostic instrumentation organisations to support automated staining systems and tissue tracking

Microwell Plate Labels

For all plate profiles, precisely printed and placed barcodes support efficient discovery

GHS Chemical Labels

Ensure GHS compliance with colourful, creative labelling options

Zebra ZD Series Label Printer

The most popular label printer around, the Zebra ZD is both compact and economical 

cab SQUIX Label Printer

RFID-capable and a touchscreen interface for easy to use label printing

cab Mach 4 Label Printer

Relied upon at lab benches all over the world for fast and easy barcode generation

Label Replicator Printer System

Scan an existing barcode and instantly create an exact replica

Case Study

Pre-Barcoded Labware Reduces Labour and Streamlines Operations for a Large Repository

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Does Outsourcing Sample Labelling Improve Lab Costs And Efficiencies? 4 Reasons Manual Labelling Might Be Slowing You Down

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