cab Mach 4S Barcode Label Printer

cab Mach 4S Barcode Label Printer

All the features of an industrial label printer, for an array of applications

Print high quality barcode labels at high speeds with the cab MACH4S industrial thermal label printer.

Offering highest-class print quality and up to nearly 12 inches per second print speed, the cab Mach4S makes reliable, high performance label printing an affordable reality.

With a small foot print, high resolution printing, simple and quiet operation the cab Mach4S Label Printer is the versatile answer to a host of labelling challenges.



What can the cab MACH4S do for you?

  • Keep it simple with numerous features that improve ease of use including a clamshell design, auto-centering roll holders and an intuitive touch screen interface.

  • Increase throughput with high speed printing.

  • Print clear, crisp labels even at small scale with high print resolution options, from the standard 300 dpi, to upgraded 600 dpi for small scale barcode printing.

  • Utilise bench space efficiently with the compact design.

  • Apply your labels your way by choosing from one of three models that best fits your practices.

  • Achieve dependable performance with German-engineered build quality and service contracts to ensure reliability over the life of the machine.

Key Features




Dimensions (mm)

240 W  x 317 H x 435 D

Fits easily on a desktop or work bench

Print Resolution

Standard: 300 dpi

Optional: 600 dpi

Two high quality print options allow you to optimise the printer for speed or image quality

Print Speed

300mm/sec (300 dpi) or

150mm/sec (600 dpi)

Two high speed print options allow you to optimise the printer for speed or image quality

Media Width Capacity


A width capacity just over 4 inches is perfect  for lab applications

Roll Diameter Capacity


High roll capacity reduces downtime and stoppages


Type B: Tear off edge

Type P: Peeler

Type C: Cutter

3 models allow you to choose the most convenient label dispensing option for your lab

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Affordable, high quality print, even at small scale

We can confidently say the cab MACH 4s is the most affordable 600 dpi label printer on the market, which is a huge deal for those who are on a budget and need to print at small scale.

If you’re not planning on printing tiny barcodes the cab MACH 4s also offers a 300 dpi model for high quality barcodes at more standard sizes.

Fast and accurate printing

At speeds of up to 300 mm (nearly 12 inches!) per second the cab MACH 4s offers exceptional print speeds to say the least. Speeds that fast however, are only available on the 300 dpi model. The 600 dpi model still offers extremely fast printing for such high resolution at 150mm (about 6 inches) per second.

John Masica“Though high speed printing is convenient we do recommend slowing down if you can. When you slow down your print speeds you optimise the quality of your image, and if you’re printing barcodes it’s important to have a nice sharp edge to ensure readability.”

— John Masica, Computype Technical Support Specialist and Label Printer Subject Matter Expert

Compact clamshell design

The cab MACH 4s measures 240 x 317 x 435 mm (9.5 x 12.5 x 17 in) which is quite compact making it suitable for desktop use.

The design is not only compact, but features clamshell style access to the ribbon and media chamber for fast and intuitive re-loading. Additionally, the top of the printer is clear so media can easily be monitored.

Auto-centering roll holders

For even more convenient media loading this printer features automatically centering roll holders that are easily interchangeable.

Since the roll holders are auto-centering it can be inferred the print orientation is centered, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but is easier on the printhead.

If you’re using multiple media sizes we recommend purchasing multiple media holders, one for each media size, to reduce the time and effort required during each refill.

User friendly touch display

Further improving the user-friendliness of this printer is the intuitive touch screen display. The touch screen interface is designed similarly to a smart phone providing a sense of familiarity, even to those who aren’t familiar with cab printers.

The touch screen display also grants you QR code access to video tutorials to help you along with regular maintenance procedures.

Quiet operation

One often overlooked benefit of this particular printer is its ability to run quietly. This makes the MACH 4s particularly suitable for office and laboratory environments where noise may cause interruption.


The cab MACH 4s comes in 3 different varieties so you can choose the ideal dispensing method for your processes.

  • Type B: features a tear off edge for easy removal of labels from the printer that reduces the likelihood of damage to labels
  • Type P: features a peeler to operate as a label dispenser. This type of operation allows for increased speed and convenience if labels are being applied immediately after printing.
  • Type C: features a cutter to automatically cut individual labels or specified numbers of labels after printing speeding up the preparation process.
    cab type C
Read our review to find out what we think about the cab MACH4S

Why is the cab MACH4S a Good Match for Laboratories?

The extremely high dpi offerings allow for printing of small 2D barcodes to be placed on the bottoms of vials. Even more, with the MACH 4s being the most affordable 600 dpi label printer on the market, it’s a great fit for labs that are just starting out and have to keep an eye on budget, but can’t compromise on accuracy.

Additionally, the cab MACH 4S is known for its quiet operation, so there’s no need to worry about creating any potentially distracting noise.

How much does the cab MACH4S Cost?

Pricing for the cab MACH 4S ranges from $1,500 to $1,950 depending on the model you choose, if you add any optional features and where you purchase from. In comparison to some other desktop printers this may seem like it’s a bit higher on the cost scale, however no other desktop printer offers as many features as the MACH 4S in this price range, especially 600 dpi print resolution.

For what the cab MACH 4S has to offer it is an incredible value. With high resolution, incredible print speeds and exceptional ease of use you can ensure accuracy, reduce down time and increase throughput all at once. However, if your facility can do without all the bells and whistles and you are looking for something more stripped down, you might want to check out the Zebra ZD series, or our Top 10 Label Printers Review. 

We work with you…

As a solutions provider we offer guaranteed maintenance, service and technical support for the extent of your agreed upon contract in addition to any manufacturer warrantees. We do this so you can make the most of your investment by ensuring the wellness of your printer beyond the time periods specified by warrantees and reseller agreements. In addition to extended service contracts, we guarantee your printer will arrive in working order, as every printer we ship is taken out of the box, plugged in and tested prior to leaving our building.

In the field of research and diagnostics, precision and accuracy are crucial to the life-saving work performed every day. We believe it is part of our job to help you keep things running smoothly by providing trustworthy solutions to your barcode printing and labelling needs. When you purchase a printer from a solutions provider like Computype, you are investing in not only that printer, but its wellness and all the benefits that come along with it.

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