cab SQUIX Series Barcode Label Printer

cab SQUIX Series Barcode Label Printer

A high throughput solution for labware label printing needs, both large and small in scale

Stay on top of high demand projects without sacrificing image resolution with the industrial strength cab SQUIX barcode label printer.

Based on its renowned predecessor, the cab A+, the SQUIX series offers improved efficiency and versatility. The three models in the series and modular design bring a selection of unique features suitable for a variety of lab settings.

Built to survive high demand environments, the SQUIX can handle large volume jobs, but still offers DPI high enough to tackle the most delicate and small barcode applications.


What can the cab SQUIX Series do for you?

  • Integrate easily into your workflows with a small footprint, left or centered alignment and various connectivity options

  • Improve efficiencies with high speed printing options and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the printing process

  • Accommodate extremely small applications with the ability to print on labels as small as 4x4mm with 600 dpi image resolution

  • Ensure clear scannable barcodes by utilising a high dpi model and/or the optional scan and verify feature

  • Choose from one of three models to suit your real estate, media size and justification needs.

  • Make your processes smarter

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Key Features





Print Technology

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer





Dimensions (W x H x D)

7.87 x 11.33 x 18.11 in

9.9 x 11.33 x 18.34 in

9.9 x 11.33 x 18.34 in

Image Resolution

300 or 600 DPI

300 or 600 DPI

300 or 600 DPI

Print Speed

Up to 9 in/sec

Up to 9 in/sec

Up to 9 in/sec

Media size compatibility

.157-2.48 in

.157-4.3 in

.157-4.3 in

Media Capacity

8 in

8 in

8 in

Optional features

Peeler, dispenser, cutter, rewinder, applicator, scan & verify, RFID

Peeler, dispenser, cutter, rewinder, applicator, scan & verify, RFID

Peeler, dispenser, cutter, rewinder, applicator, scan & verify, RFID

Modular design

A modular design allows the SQUIX to run as a standalone unit or with a connected device and accommodates an array of optional features. Adding a peeler, cutter or even an applicator are all viable options.

300 or 600 dpi print quality options

Ensure scannable barcodes at any size with the ability to choose from a model capable of printing either 300 dpi or 600 dpi.

Up to 9.5 in/second print speeds

If throughput speeds are a concern labels can be printed at speeds up to 9.5 inches per second.

Accommodates various media widths

From as small as 4 millimeters, to as large as 4 inches, the SQUIX can accommodate a range of media sizes to ensure a proper match for any labware, device, document or storage solutions you may need to label.

Optional cutter, peeler, applicator and more

The wide variety of optional features, from cutters and peelers to scan verification, RFID and applicators, is incredibly useful in the lab environment. All of these tools can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your labelling process.

Colour LCD display

The colour LCD display provides a user-friendly experience to operators to keep workflows running smoothly

Check out our review for our detailed opinion on the cab SQUIX

Looking for a Full Solution?

Single sourcing your entire print solution, from printer to labels and ribbon, ensures compatibility between all of your components. It also simplifies ordering and service processes when you can rely on a single supplier for all of your needs.

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What makes the cab SQUIX a great fit for the lab?

Though the SQUIX is an incredibly versatile printer, there are four main features that make the SQUIX a great match for laboratory environments specifically, including:

Accommodates small scale labels

As miniaturisation continues to trend in the healthcare industry, sample sizes grow smaller and smaller, and so do their labels. The SQUIX is able to accommodate labels as small as 4mm by 4mm, and barcodes remain readable with image resolution options as high as 600 dpi.

Durable print technology

Thermal transfer print technology is recognised for its durability. Paired with the right label stock, your samples should be able to retain their identity through a variety of exposures and environmental conditions.

Quiet in operation

A quiet environment is ideal for detail oriented and focused work like research and diagnostics. A loud printer running constantly in the background, or several of them, can be irritating and distracting. cab printers are recognised for their quiet operation, making them especially suitable for laboratory environments.

An array of applicable optional features

So many optional features are available with the cab SQUIX and many of them are extremely valuable to laboratory applications.

Cutting, dispensing, peeling and automatic application options can improve efficiencies in your workflows, whether you’re labelling tubes, vials, plates or anything else.

RFID and scan verification can also be utilised with the SQUIX to further increase efficiency and accuracy.


How much does the cab SQUIX Series cost?

Cost is always a major consideration when making an investment in equipment such as a barcode label printer. However, cab takes pride in offering this multi-functional printer at an affordable cost. The starting price for this printer is around $2,100, but that price will increase depending on the model you choose, your DPI preference and any added features.


Though most of the features remain the same between the three models in their simplest form, the three of them vary in size, media width compatibility and justification. Each option offers value to their most suitable lab, whether you’re looking for a compact solution, or something with a wider range of acceptable media options.


Though higher image resolution is preferred in many situations, it isn’t always necessary. In most situations 300 dpi is suitable, however, some extremely small applications will find a lot of value in 600 dpi printing capabilities. Due to the technology required and more limited application, 600 dpi printers tend to cost more.

Additional features

Any time you add an optional feature the price will increase. Not only do additional features require additional parts, but sometimes technological adjustments need to be made to fully accommodate the change. This is why it’s always important to ensure your facility will receive value from any feature you choose to incorporate.

We work with you…

As a solutions provider we offer guaranteed maintenance, service and technical support for the extent of your agreed upon contract in addition to any manufacturer warrantees. We do this so you can make the most of your investment by ensuring the wellness of your printer beyond the time periods specified by warrantees and reseller agreements. In addition to extended service contracts, we guarantee your printer will arrive in working order, as every printer we ship is taken out of the box, plugged in and tested prior to leaving our building.

In the field of research and diagnostics, precision and accuracy are crucial to the life-saving work performed every day. We believe it is part of our job to help you keep things running smoothly by providing trustworthy solutions to your barcode printing and labelling needs. When you purchase a printer from a solutions provider like Computype, you are investing in not only that printer, but its wellness and all the benefits that come along with it.

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