Histology Slide Barcode Labels

Histology Slide Barcode Labels

Maintain the unique identity of your diagnostic samples throughout processing

Guarantee proper chain of custody through chemical processing and manual or automated staining with our histology slide barcode labels


These chemical and stain-resistant slide labels assist in achieving fast and accurate test diagnoses by promoting both reliable identification and functionality in both manual and automated histology slide staining.


Histology slide label

The above photograph features our specially engineered FLAP histology slide label. FLAP stands for Flexible Lamination After Printing, referring to the label’s self-lamination feature.


Key Features

Histology Slide Labels

Flapless Label

FLAP Label


A square pressure sensitive label made from a durable polyester material.

A square pressure sensitive label made from a durable polyester material, featuring a self-lamination flap.


0.875” x 0.875” or custom

0.875” x 0.875” or custom

Printer Compatibility

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer

Chemical Resistance

Standard resistance to:
Xylene, DMSO, Methanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, etc.

Enhanced resistance to:
Staining, Xylene, DMSO, Methanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, etc.







Print Options

Blank, Pre-printed, Pre-printed & Pre-applied

Blank, Pre-printed, Pre-printed & Pre-applied

What Can Histology Slide Labels Do For You?

  • Secure reliable performance, labels are resistant to xylene, DMSO, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and other common solvents. FLAP labels provide additional support with the added laminate for enhanced reliability in especially harsh exposures

  • Maintain chain of custody during H&E and IHC special staining with FLAP (Flexible-Lamination-After-Printing) labels that protect the image throughout the life of the slide

  • Increase automation precision, labels are designed to work with automated staining equipment

  • Streamline workflows & increase value, slide labels can be kitted and shipped directly to your end user pathology labs to ensure a closed-loop solution and proper functionality of automated staining equipment

  • Gain dependability, Computype slide labels are kitted with the appropriate ribbon to match your lab conditions and chemicals—assuring image quality


What Comes in a Histology Slide Label Kit?

If you decide to purchase your labels blank, they will arrive packaged in kits for ease of use. So what exactly is included in a kit?:

  • Your blank labels
  • Thermal transfer ribbon, matched to your labels for optimal performance
  • A cleaning wipe

Each kit varies in the amount of label rolls and labels included based on your needs and application, so be sure to ask your sales rep for more details. The number of ribbon rolls will also vary, but there will always be enough to accommodate printing of all of your labels.

Why the Cleaning Wipe?

We include a cleaning wipe in all of our labelling kits so you have the supplies to keep your thermal transfer printer running smoothly for as long as possible. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance is a must for optimal printer performance and long-term wellness.
Check out this article to learn how proper cleaning   and care can increase the lifespan of your printhead

Looking For a Complete Solution?

cab MACH 4S Label Printer

The cab MACH 4S pairs nicely with histology slide labels with its compact design and high performance print capabilities.Cab Mach 4S Label PrinterClick here to access more information on the cab MACH 4S >

Laboratory Label Replicator

Utilising a label replicator allows you to simply scan and print exact replicas of your labels as they are needed. This is allows your samples to keep their identity intact, even when being transferred from a cassette to a slide.

laboratory label replicator
Learn more about our laboratory replicator system here >

RFID for Diagnostic Equipment

RFID is becoming a common feature in automated diagnostic equipment and a popular reagent tracking tool. We can work with you to build an RFID solution that better aligns with the future of research and diagnostics.
Check out our article about how RFID can be  utilised this way to improve reagent tracking

How much do Computype Histology Slide Labels Cost?

When purchasing our standard histology slide labels from the catalog within our typical volume range, you should expect to spend between $258 and $580 per kit (and at least $300—our order minimum). The cost will vary depending on the type of label you purchase and the volume of labels you purchase, and any custom requests will definitely impact the cost as well.

Label type

You can expect to pay a different amount depending on the type of label you choose. Due to the additional features, materials and value offered by our FLAP labels, they do cost more than our flapless labels.

FLAP labels were engineered to offer additional value to facilities where stains and reagents are used. An added laminate and release liner are featured in the design impacting the overall cost. The laminate assists in directing the flow of reagent across the surface of the slide, while also allowing barcodes to remain scannable post chemical exposure. In the situations this label was designed for, the value will outweigh the cost, and in other situations our flapless histology labels, or a custom solution may be more valuable.


When higher volumes of labels are made, higher volumes of materials are necessary. This means your overall order is going to cost more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be paying more, or even the same amount per label.

We can negotiate a deal with material suppliers when we get a high volume order and pass the savings onto you allowing you to save on per-label costs when ordering in bulk.


Whether your slides are uniquely designed, or your practices are unconventional, sometimes customisations are necessary to accommodate your needs. Any customisations will impact cost and should be discussed with your sales representative.

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