READY Labware Services

READY Labware Services

Gain access to colourful, high durability marking technologies while eliminating labelling from your facility, with pre-barcoded labware

READY Labware Services

Consolidate your ordering process and receive your labware with barcodes already applied. With READY Labware Services you can remove labelling and other preparatory tasks from the lab and focus on your core values.

Most labs think the only way to improve efficiency in the labelling process is through automation, so we want to tell you about another option—pre-barcoded labware. Through our programme, labware sourcing partnerships allow us to label, barcode, or mark almost anything your lab may need—from slides and plates to devices and containers, and provide a variety of additional services.

READY Labware Services offer your lab access to marking technologies that can ensure increased image durability, colour and functional markings. Even more, tasks such as sorting, tare weighing, kitting and packing can be completed by Computype prior to your order arrival, ensuring labware is ready to use upon delivery.

Interested in improving your labelling process? Watch the video to learn 5 things you need to know about READY Labware Services before deciding if it’s right for you.


Service Features: What is Ready Labware Services?

READY Labware Services offers your lab fully customisable, outsourced labware preparation. Any combination of the following lab tasks can be utilised by you and your team to ensure your needs are met.

Labware procurement

Instead of reaching out to your labware supplier for vials and plates, your label supplier for labels and your printer company for inks or ribbons, you can place a single order with Computype. We are able to source specific labware from your preferred manufacturer so you can have confidence in your containers. Additionally, by consolidating your procurement process you save time and simplify your inventory tracking system.

Marking of labware

We ensure high quality barcodes will be precisely placed on your labware to ensure maximum readability during downstream processing. We offer three different marking technologies that can adapt to meet the needs of many labs, whether the most important factor be permanence, cost effectiveness or incorporation of colour. Below are just a few examples of how customers are leveraging these marking technologies to add value to their process:

  • Colour branding
  • Graduation lines
  • Barcodes: linear, 2D
  • Text and human readable data

Container tare weighing

In addition to procuring and marking your labware we offer tare weighing services. If precise weight measurement is necessary in your lab, but taking up valuable time, it too can be outsourced. With READY Labware Services Computype will weigh your labware after labelling and prepare a weight report documenting each individual container to send along with your order.

Sorting, kitting & packing

As the name suggests, we want your labware to arrive at your lab ready to use so we offer sorting, kitting and packing options to meet your needs. For example, one lab may take advantage of all three of these services by having their glass vials sorted sequentially into individual kits of 50. In order to ensure the safe arrival of 400 kits, they would be packaged in custom containers with inserts prior to being paletted for delivery. Or another lab may choose to have their plastic tubes delivered to them in two separate plastic bags, one full of tubes, the other full of caps and placed in a larger corrugated box.

Marking Technology Features

Tube & Vial Labels

Microwell Plate Labels

Cryo Hold Bullet Labels

Cryo Hold Wraparound Labels

Direct Mark Technology

Ceramic Mark Technology

Container Shape

SBS- Compliant or custom plates

Micro-centrifuge conical shape

Cylindrical tubes and vials

Glass and plastic labware, any shape

Cylindrical tubes and vials

Container Size


1.5ml-2ml; custom sizes available for larger containers

0.5ml-50ml; custom sizes available for larger containers



Application Method

Pressure sensitive

Pressure sensitive

Pressure sensistive

Special inks are cured to the surface of the labware creating a semi-permanent bond

Labels made from a special clay are fired directly onto glass containers, fusing to the glass to create a permanent bond

Resistant to:








Isopropyl alcohol

















Suitable for standard microwell plates, with the option to customise for more unique applications

Bullet shape accommodates conical tube shapes. Also available with cap labels

Clear laminate self-adheres back around itself, image/barcode never directly exposed to the elements

A permanent identification solution.

Only available through our READY Labware Services programme

A permanent identification solution available for glass containers only.

Only available through our READY Labware Services programme

Marking technologies:

Three different marking technologies are offered through READY Labware Services. Each one has different benefits for different lab environments, let us help you find the right match.

Pressure sensitive:pressure sensitive

Pressure sensitive labels are made up of a facestock and adhesive. We offer a variety of pressure sensitive labels that are engineered to stand up to harsh lab conditions. All of our standard options are available, but if you don’t see a fit, please ask us about more customised options.

  • Can be applied to both glass & plastic containers
  • Budget friendly
  • Durable, but not permanent
  • Options to withstand temperatures from -196–122 degrees Celsius
  • Withstands exposure to DMSO, methanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol and water
  • Can be enhanced with RFID
  • Linear barcodes on the sides with the option to add 2D barcodes on the bottom of tubes, and microwell plate options as well

Direct mark:

Direct Mark With direct mark technology, inks are placed directly onto the surface of the container and specially cured to provide a semi-permanent mark.

  • Can be applied to glass or plastic containers
  • Middle of the road option for both price and permanence
  • Withstands temperatures from -196–200 degrees Celsius
  • Withstands exposure to DMSO, methanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, water
  • Linear barcodes on the sides with the option to add 2D barcodes on the bottom (or on plugs with conical containers), and options to accommodate microwell plates as well
  • Colour printing for logos, graduation marks, colour coding systems and more



These labels are made from ceramic material which can be placed onto glass containers and fired in a kiln. The firing process binds the label onto the container creating a single component.

  • Permanently bonded to the container
  • Can only be applied to glass containers
  • Withstands temperatures from -196–500 degrees Celsius
  • Withstands exposure to nearly all chemicals including DMSO, methanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, water
  • Linear barcodes on the sides with the option to add 2D barcodes on the bottom
  • Extremely accurate tare weighing

How does READY Labware Services Compare to Other Labelling Strategies?


In-House Manual Label Application

In-House Automated Label Application

READY Labware Services Outsourced Label Applicaton

Throughput speeds












Real Estate


Anywhere from a desktop to a dedicated room



Human Elements

Ergonomic Design/ few moving parts

Liability is taken out of your facility

Marking Technologies

Pressure sensitive

Pressure sensitive

Pressure sensitive, direct mark or ceramic


Time consuming


Wait for your order to arrive in the mail

Labour Required

Significant team effort

Team effort-light monitoring

Purchasing places an order

Does it align with future growth?

Not really, it’s time consuming and unreliable

Yes, it offers increased efficiency and accuracy

Yes, it offers increased efficiency and accuracy

Check out this blog for a more in depth comparison on these three common  approaches to labelling

10 Reasons to Consider READY Labware Services

  1. Accurate and consistent placement of barcodes is critical for your automated workflows and you don’t want to make a capital investment in label automation

  2. You need a permanent marking solution to last the entire life of the container

  3. You’re currently spending too much time labelling and want to focus on research

  4. You want to guarantee sequential data integrity, reduce errors and automation stoppages associated with mislabelled or unscannable labware

  5. Your label data is static &/or known in advance

  6. You want to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury associated with manual labelling

  7. You want to reduce inventory and clear up work space to make room for activities or equipment that will improve your labs processes

  8. You’re in need of a better way to differentiate your containers from others within your storage area, through colour coded or brand identified markings

  9. You need a more consistent option to avoid wasting budget by under or over-purchasing consumable products.

  10. Your lab is growing very fast and your current labelling strategy isn’t efficient enough to keep up


Who is READY Labware Services Best Suited For?

We recognise that READY Labware Services isn’t for everyone, so here we’ll point out a few things that make labs good candidates for our service:

Data is known ahead of time

Since your labware will be marked ahead of time, outside of your facility, any information that needs to be printed on your labels needs to be known at the time of ordering.

If it’s common practice in your lab to include patient specific or time sensitive information on samples a print and apply automation solution will likely be a more suitable match.

Standard marking technologies just aren’t cutting it

Many labs come to us because they’re struggling to retain the identities of their samples through rigorous testing processes and/or extended cold storage.

Through READY Labware services you gain access to extremely durable marking technologies that would require extensive training, budgeting and real estate to install in-house.

Branding is important

In some cases branding is extremely important, especially in compound storage where samples from many labs may share a space. With READY Labware Services, you can utilise direct mark technology for precise, colourful brand representation that allows for easy, at-a-glance identification.

You can’t justify automated equipment, but need an efficient solution

There are a number of reasons labs can’t justify automated labelling equipment. Real estate, inconsistent container sizes, too few containers and budget are a few of the most common.

READY Labware Services is capable of improving efficiency and accuracy for those labs who can’t find an automation solution that meets their needs.

How Can I Fit READY Labware Services into My Practice?

Implementing a new labelling strategy takes time, planning and preparation to ensure long term compatibility with your processes. By working with Computype, we can help walk you through the following steps to make sure your READY Labware Services plan is optimised to meet your needs.

1. Analyse your current processes

An important first step when considering switching to an outsourced labelling programme is to analyse your current processes.

Observe the volume of samples being processed, the amount of different shapes and sizes of labware. Consider how many people are involved in the labelling, weighing and sorting processes and how much time is spent on those tasks each day.

2. Assess your needs, challenges and preferences

Once you’ve taken an in depth look at your processes you’ll want to assess your needs, preferences and challenges to get an idea of what factors you want to remain the same, and what needs to change.

For example, a storage facility needs a labware solution capable of withstanding cryogenic conditions and chemical exposure. They prefer a marking solution capable of accommodating their logo and would like to have the first round of tare weighing completed for them. A challenge they’re facing is sample loss due to loss of identity during frequent freeze and thaw cycles. In this instance a plastic tube and direct mark solution would be a great fit.

3. Set expectations

Once you’ve acknowledged your needs, preferences and challenges, set some expectations. Think about what your ideal labware service solution looks like and discuss with your connection at Computype how those expectations can be met through READY Labware Services.

If READY Labware Services isn’t able to meet your expectations—for example, if you need variable data on demand—the discussion may lead other options, such as tube and vial automation, or microwell plate labellers.

4. Consider the effects

Eliminating labelling from your facility will greatly affect your processes and some of those changes will require you and your employees to adapt.

Right now, you probably have some employees dedicated to labelling, or your employees are dedicating a portion of their day to applying labels. With READY Labware services these tasks will no longer be performed in your facility leaving employees with some extra time on their hands, and even more time if you choose to outsource additional tasks.

We recommend you look for areas in your facility where additional employees would be helpful and consider reallocating employees to positions in those areas. If you can’t locate an area where additional employees would be useful, think about what parts of your process will be affected by the implementation of READY Labware Services and how. If you expect to see increased throughput speeds and/or volumes, it’s likely you’ll need more help in downstream workflows.

5. Create a budget

Creating your budget won’t be as simple as adding up what you spend on labware, labels and other related consumables or equipment, there’s more to consider with pre-barcoded labware.

Beyond just supplying your labware, READY Labware services offers the convenience of consolidating your ordering process and the value of more options, reduced labour, increased efficiency and improved accuracy.

So, in addition to considering the costs related to your labware and labelling procurement you’ll want to calculate the costs of labour and estimate any shifts in revenue related to improved throughput and efficiency.

6. Build a plan

Once you’ve taken into account your needs, set expectations, accounted for process changes and created a budget, it’s time to make a plan.

This is the point where we will be most involved, since it is our responsibility to ensure your READY Labware Services programme is optimised to meet your needs. We can help pinpoint and resolve any discrepancies, and make recommendations to further address your needs, preferences and challenges if we spot any.

Our goal here is to ensure your plan is built around your needs, processes and future plans to ensure a long-term solution to your labware preparation challenges.

How Much Will It Cost to Outsource Labelling Activities?

Label outsourcing can be difficult to quote without context since your service will be tailored to fit your lab’s needs and processes. The cost will depend entirely on the type of labware you are using, the marking technology used and which, if any additional services you choose to outsource.

Our goal for READY Labware Services is to offer your lab value in the form of accuracy, efficiency, and time savings. Through implementing an outsourcing labelling strategy your lab benefits from increased efficiency, decreased labour costs, predictable inventory and consolidated purchasing. All of these benefits provide value to your lab likely in the form of both budget, and convenience.

We Work With You…

Through READY Labware Services we work with you as a partner to guarantee accurate identification and support your growth and success. We are always open to discussing concerns, changes to your processes, and accommodations to ensure your READY Labware Services experience is tailored to your needs.

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