Sato CL4NX RFID Label Printer

Sato CL4NX RFID Label Printer

A user friendly way to introduce RFID to your label printing process

A user friendly and durable design makes introducing high frequency RFID to your processes easier than ever

The Sato CL4NX was designed with the future in mind—with HF RFID encoding capabilities and a durable design this printer will not only prepare you for the era of industry 4.0, but is built to last with a protective aluminum outer casing. An intuitive interface, improved re-load access and tool-less maintenance bring ease of use and downtime reduction to your facility.

Sato CL4NX RFID Label Printer

What can the Sato CL4NX do for you?

  • Integrate into existing systems with Sato’s auto-detect function that allows easy switching from older Sato models, or competitive brands.

  • Increase throughput with high speed printing and increased downstream efficiencies related to RFID.

  • Reduce re-scans or print small scale with print resolution levels as high as 609 dpi.

  • Ensure printer wellness with tool-less printhead and platen replacement alongside a service contract from Computype.

  • Trust your Printer to withstand your processes with a durable metal outer shell.

Key Features

Sato CL4NX




17.99” D  x 10.66” W x 12.63” H

A space efficient design leaves room for business as usual to continue

Image Resolution

203 dpi, 305 dpi or 609 dpi


Depending on your specific needs and budget, you decide which image resolution level will provide the most value to your practice

Print Speed

10”/sec, 8”/sec or 6”/sec

Higher speeds coincide with lower resolution and vice versa, so you can decide whether to prioritise quantity or image quality

Media Capacity

10” media roll

600m of ribbon

High media capacity reduces the amount of stoppages and keeps your workflow moving

Print Width


Ideal for labware label printing since labels over 4” are rarely required

Dispense Options

Continuous, tear-off, cutter, peeler, liner-less

A variety of dispense options allow you to choose the most efficient option for your labelling strategy.

RFID Enabled Encoding and Printing

Add RFID directly into your in-house printing process by upgrading to the Sato CL4NX. Introducing RFID to your labelling solution allows you to store more data in your labels, add additional data as it becomes available and scan without line of sight.

The CL4NX allows you to encode both static and variable information which can be easily customised to meet your internal processes.

Built in Tag Verification

Built in tag verification scans both the barcode and the RFID tag to ensure the readability and accuracy of the encoded information.

Ensuring accuracy from the print step reduces the likelihood of downtime and waste related to misreads and mislabels.

Up to 609 dpi Image Resolution

No matter what size labels you need, the Sato CL4NX can provide a scannable label with print resolution up to 609 dpi.

In addition to 609 dpi, lower dpi and higher print speed models are available for labs who might not require small scale printing and would find value in faster printing.

User Friendly

RFID might seem intimidating, but with the user friendly interface and processes of the Sato CL4NX, introducing HF RFID to your lab becomes just as easy as printing barcodes.

Multiple dispense options

Choose from 4 dispense options to find the most convenient method for your practices. Continuous printing, tear-off removal, a cutter and a peeler are all available options with the Sato CL4NX.

Who the Sato CL4NX is for…

With the combination of RFID and high resolution printing, we recommend the Sato CL4NX for use in research and diagnostics labs.

RFID continues to make an enormous impact in the field of research and diagnostics and shows no signs of slowing down. A printer like the Sato CL4NX can help labs that require small scale printing and in-house operation to accommodate variable information, improve efficiencies and prepare for the future.

The Sato CL4NX has also proven useful to manufacturers of diagnostic tools and devices. Check out these articles for examples:

How much does the Sato CL4NX Cost?

RFID isn’t one size fits all, so your solutions partner can help you form an implementation plan that’s practical in your environment.

Check out our list of unrealistic expectations to learn  more about how your environment can affect your implementation plan

We work with you…

As a solutions provider we offer guaranteed maintenance, service and technical support for the extent of your agreed upon contract in addition to any manufacturer warrantees. We do this so you can make the most of your investment by ensuring the wellness of your printer beyond the time periods specified by warrantees and reseller agreements. In addition to extended service contracts, we guarantee your printer will arrive in working order, as every printer we ship is taken out of the box, plugged in and tested prior to leaving our building.

In the field of research and diagnostics, precision and accuracy are crucial to the life-saving work performed every day. We believe it is part of our job to help you keep things running smoothly by providing trustworthy solutions to your barcode printing and labelling needs. When you purchase a printer from a solutions provider like Computype, you are investing in not only that printer, but its wellness and all the benefits that come along with it.

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