RFID Barcoding Enables Diagnostics Firms to Innovate


Customer Background:

A company with a primary focus of scientific and technical instruments manufacturing has recently launched a new product in which they utilise Computype’s RFID tracking solutions.

For this specific product launch of their low throughput capillary electrophoresis platform for both sequencing and DNA fragment analysis, Computype has been a reliable resource and has consistently aided them in ensuring a successful and on-time launch.

The Challenge:

One of the many value drivers of this company is Capillary Electrophoresis. Various customers utilising this gene sequencing technology had previously mentioned that ease of use is their biggest criticism.

Setup of the products is often time consuming and requires professional assistance for troubleshooting. This company took this feedback into account in the design process of the latest iteration; the new release utilises the same trusted technology, but offers an innovative all-in-one cartridge that helps reduce setup time from hours to minutes.

For this product, this company was initially searching out an RFID printer that both prints and encodes. For strategic future proofing, they were interested in a print technology with near field communication capabilities to be able to interface with smart phones in coming years.

Throughout this process, they were trying to capitalise on the customers’ preference of ease of use to create a consumable cartridge within their new gene sequencing instrument. The cartridge has a shelf life of only 4 months, but provides easier and faster operation than previous platforms by coming pre-loaded with the polymer and buffer.

Our Solution:

To ensure our customer would be capable of this launch, Computype did extensive research and found an RFID printer with these capabilities. In order to best help this customer, Computype sent them a loaner printer as well as offered our services throughout their integration into their processes.

Integration into this company’s software was something that proposed a challenge. Once Computype was notified of this issue, our engineers were able to diagnose the exact problem in the customer’s software coding. Computype reached out to their IT department and willingly worked with their team to help them solve the issue. With our assistance, this problem was able to come to a quick resolution.

Ultimately, where Computype assisted this process was in our ability to provide hardware, software, and RFID label expertise to find a printer that produces RFID labels. In addition to that, we ensured our commitment to provide them with our best service to make sure our solutions could be properly implemented into their system.

With our hybrid RFID labels and the newly provided ability to print variable information on-demand, this company is able to keep proper and accurate track of these cartridges and their accompanied real time data. This solution keeps track of the aging of the product, supplying the user with a proper timeline of the product life. If the product were to expire without the knowledge of the user, the product would no longer be usable and would provide inaccurate information.

How Computype Helped:

Computype has been a resource that this company relies on as they innovate new solutions. We provide them with a customised RFID hybrid label, and RFID-compatible printers, both of which are now specified into the project plans. Because of our loyalty to this company and our ability to help them with hardware, software, and consumables through our service promise, this product launch was able to proceed on time.

Our service promise includes our Silver Service Program, which was offered to this customer throughout this integration process. This program includes sending them the printer, but additionally we keep one on our shelf.

This way, if this company is to encounter problems with the printer, we could send the working one while troubleshooting the one they faced issues with. With this service, the customer never goes more than a day without the product, making sure that their processes are consistently able to run smoothly and efficiently.

Through our collaborative innovation process and ability to provide flexible service and support, our solutions assisted in delivering an efficient and better functioning product for end users of the instrument.

RFID Barcoding Enables Diagnostics Firms to Innovate

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