Roach Family Foundation

22 February, 2018 - St. Paul, MN USA

Computype recently announced that owners Eric and Todd Roach will be launching the Roach Family Foundation to increase the impact of their company in the community. The company is a family owned and operated business and has been for over 40 years.

Giving back has always been a foundational element to the culture at Computype, and as the years have gone on and the company has grown, it has become more apparent of the impact that could be made in Computype’s local communities. To support and cultivate this internal culture of giving back, Computype’s owners vision includes a community element that promotes employee involvement in causes that are important to each individual.

The Roach Family Foundation announced that an increased amount of Computype’s operating income that will be donated to various charities every year. Computype owners and employees already actively dedicate time and resources to various organisations providing education, funds, and enriching experiences for those in need. Computype provides each of their global employees with one paid day per year to go volunteer at a cause of their choosing. “We want to ensure that everyone here has the opportunity to make a difference in our community” said Todd Roach.

As a company who is very family and people oriented, Computype strives to make a difference and to help the communities in which they reside. The goal is for the company and employees get out and make a notable transformation, and Eric and Todd are very excited to be launching a foundation to expand the company’s impact.