TransMark Coloured Ribbons

TransMark Brand On-Demand Transfer Kits for Rubber Belts, Hoses, & Airsprings

A fast and flexible print on demand option for the coloured branding & identification of rubber products

Branding and variable ID information for rubber in real time


Both TransMark Transfer Film and TransMark Ribbon combine to form TransMark Brand On-Demand Transfer Kits. These two technologies work together to simplify the rubber marking process while improving print quality and increasing throughput potential. Utilising TransMark Transfers can also help your facility work towards leaner manufacturing.
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Why Print on Demand?

Optimise Efficiency

  • Improve your tracking with serialised barcodes and real-time lot codes.

  • Eliminate unnecessary movement when your employees can print what they need, when and where they need it.

  • Reduce wasted materials, energy and costs with a flexible print strategy that can adapt to sudden change.

  • Ensure lasting quality with a print system and consumables engineered for the rubber manufacturing environment.

TransMark Transfer Film

Our TransMark Transfer Film was designed to reduce the amount of screen printing and storage of preprinted inventory within rubber manufacturing facilities by introducing an in-house, on-demand print solution.

With options suitable for pre-cure and post-cure application, as well as options to meet noise reduction preferences—there  is a TransMark film available to meet your process needs and goals.

TransMark Film Variation






36, 50, or 75 mic

38 or 50 mic

25 mic

50 mic

Ease of Removal

Medium-very high




Noise Reduction

Standard to low




Post-cure or Pre-cure

36 & 50 mic, pre-cure only

75 mic, post-cure only

38 mic, pre-cure only

50 mic, pre & post cure available

Pre-cure only

Pre-cure only

TransMark Ribbon

TransMark ribbons are matched with corresponding TransMark Transfer Films to improve transfer conditions and maximise image quality. A variety of coloured ribbons are offered to accommodate your brand, including dual colour ribbons for companies who wish to differentiate  information in their marking processes.

TransMark Colored Ribbons


Colour shade (on rubber)

Standard Red


Standard Orange


Standard Yellow


Standard Green


Standard Blue


Don’t see the colour you need?

Ask about our colour matching services! With the addition of a small development fee and a bit of time, we can help you match the colours that best represent your brand—we just need to walk through a few steps:

1. Technology Testing

The first step of the development process involves testing with the nearest shade in our standard range to ensure compatibility between the TransMark ribbon, your processes and scope. Pending a successful technology test with this standard ribbon we can accept your project and payment before moving onto the next steps.

2. Materials & Specifications

For our development team to achieve the most accurate colour match as quickly as possible, your team will need to provide us with the following:

- Current brand (~1m long strip)
- Rubber sample (~1m2)
- Current finished product sample
- Required PMS# (as it should appear on the finished product)
- Vulcanisation specifications (method, temperature, time, pressure, etc.)

3. Development

This is when we get to work in the lab—mixing inks and testing them through printing and vulcanisation until we reach your required specifications.

4. Sample Verification

A 50m sample will be prepared based on our findings in the development stage. A final vulcanisation will be performed to ensure the results are consistent with the lab findings and your requirements.

We will then provide you with a sample!

Download the custom colour form to learn more about the details and costs

Complete Your Solution

The third component of the TransMark solution is the TransMark Classic, a thermal transfer printer specifically designed to work with TransMark Film and Ribbon Kits in rubber manufacturing environments.

TransMark Classic 150 Printer

Find more detailed information on the TransMark Classic here

Learn more about TransMark Rubber


*Since the publication of this video we have improved our colour range, from 12 total offerings to our current 5 standard ribbons and endless custom possibilities. Click here to download our custom colour form for details.

Special Features & Benefits

Increase Durability

The TransMark film and ribbon kits utilise thermal transfer print technology to deliver durable, high resolution print to your transfer films, in-house and on demand. To further enhance your print quality, accuracy and overall processes we recommend pairing your TransMark Kits with a TransMark Printer.

Find Your Fit

Both films and ribbons come in a variety of materials and sizes to accommodate your processes and practices. Varying widths are available to work with your print systems and designs. Films can be as thin as 25 micron to help you achieve lower noise level products, or thicker for increased durability and easy removal. Pre cure and post cure ribbon options are available in a range of colours as well, including dual colour and custom options.

Optimise Image Quality

Ribbons and films are matched with one another and your processes to increase functionality and provide optimal image quality. Incompatible films and ribbons can lead to issues such as bleeding and flaking, so it’s important you find the right match. We help take the guess work out of purchasing films and ribbons by matching compatible films and ribbons into kits.

Represent Your Brand

Our ribbon comes in a variety of colours to represent your brand as accurately as possible, and we even offer a dual colour ribbon! Our unique dual colour ribbon allows you to represent your brand on one side of the mark and variable information in another colour on the other, in a single step. On top of all that, changing a colour or colour combination is as simple as switching out the ribbon.

Promote a Safe Environment

In comparison to screen printing, print on-demand with thermal transfer print technology is incredibly safe. Solvents, heavy equipment and the repetitive task of screen printing can be greatly reduced or removed completely from your facility with the introduction of a solution like TransMark.

5 Ways the TransMark Solution Supports Lean Manufacturing

1. Cut down on inventory by using just in time practices and reducing the number of tasks required to perform the job. No more inks and solvents for screen printing, reduce masking tape use during dual colour printing and eliminate excess stock of preordered strips.

2. Reduce motion of employees, by reducing the amount of strenuous and repetitive movements necessary to perform their jobs and bringing portable print stations directly to their work benches. Employees can quickly prepare and apply necessary information without leaving their workstation and with minimal risk of repetitive stress injury

3. Eliminate unnecessary transportation of product with compact printers that can fit in or near work stations. Employees no longer have to travel between their workstation and the warehouse or print center between steps. Instead the print stations can be brought right to the workbench.

4. Prevent over-processing by introducing products that combine steps. Mark your rubber during vulcanisation, perform dual colour marking in one step and print variable information right at each work station.

5. Avoid defects with a print system engineered to withstand the harsh rubber manufacturing environment.

We work with you…

After years of experience working closely with rubber belt and hose manufacturers we have been let in on the challenges you face when it comes to marking. Pre-printing services can be restrictive, limiting your abilities to print variable data on demand, while screen printing is expensive, dangerous and outdated

TransMark was formed with these challenges and the uniqueness of your processes in mind. We work with you to find the ideal TransMark combination to suit your practices by offering an on-site consultation. The consultation allows our technical team to evaluate your processes firsthand and match you with the most suitable film and ribbon combination to meet your needs and goals.

Find out how print on demand branding supports lean manufacturing principles

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