TransMark Classic 150 Printer

TransMark Rubber Belt Printer

Enable simplified on-demand printing of variable information, colours and logo designs in your rubber manufacturing facility

The TransMark thermal transfer printer introduces a cost-effective and high print quality rubber marking solution to your manufacturing processes


Color options, quick image changes and dependable performance that has proven to minimise downtime and extend maintenance cycles in the toughest industrial environments.

Engineered to maximise print quality in the harsh rubber manufacturing environment, a TransMark Classic printer pairs with TransMark Transfer Label Kits to form a complete rubber marking solution. With additional features including a lid sensor and setting toggle locks, damages unique to the fast-paced industrial rubber manufacturing environment can be avoided.

Altogether the TransMark Solution is not only designed to provide image quality and durability, but it will also play a role in improving efficiencies and leaning up your manufacturing processes. Compact work station printing, dual colour printing in a single step, and a durable engineered-for-purpose set up, work together to reduce wasted resources both tangible and intangible.

TransMark Classic 150 Printer

How can TransMark Help You Achieve Your Lean Goals?

  • Reduce unnecessary transportation in your facility by bringing a print center to each work station.

  • Avoid unnecessary motion, such as that involved in screen printing, which can potentially lead to repetitive stress injury, with an in-house on-demand print strategy.

  • Remove over-processing from your strategy by combining steps with on-demand variable printing, dual colour printing, and marking during vulcanisation.

  • Prevent damage that could lead to defects occurring with added safety features and professional service.

  • Reduce inventory by printing what you need when you need it. No need to stock pre-printed transfer films or messy screen printing supplies

Key Features & Benefits

Features Standard mid-range thermal transfer printer TransMark Classic
Print width capacities, including 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm X X
TransMark application setup   X
Coloured ribbon sensing   X
Clear media sensing   X
Additional print head pressure toggles   X
Tamper proof print head pressure toggles   X
300 DPI image quality   X

Decentralise Your Print Strategy

The compact design of the TransMark printer allows you to bring print stations directly to individual work stations. When you decentralise your print strategy you reduce likelihood of error, eliminate the need for employees to travel to the warehouse or print center unnecessarily and increase throughput and productivity.

Optimise Print Quality and Accuracy

Not only are TransMark printers capable of 300 dpi print quality, but they are engineered to provide that high quality under harsh conditions. A number of factors go into overall image quality including settings and printer health. When you purchase a TransMark printer our team helps you set it up to ensure optimal performance settings are in place.


In addition to print head heat and darkness settings, the TransMark includes pressure setting controls to further optimise print quality. Once the settings are in place they can be locked to prevent accidental tampering and environmental damage is prevented through several structural features.

Prevent Accidental Tampering

Print settings are protected from accidental adjustments that commonly occur in the rubber manufacturing environment with toggle locks. Once ideal settings have been achieved, toggles and switches can be locked and keys left with a knowledgeable team member for necessary future adjustments.

Ensure Printer Wellness

When you purchase a TransMark you can opt in to a service agreement with Computype. Our service contracts can include services such as regular cleaning and maintenance visits, software support and on-site repair. When you sign a service contract you hand over the task of maintaining your printers to our team of experts. This ensures your printer is being looked after by the ones who know it best and allows your employees to focus on duties that are more important to the growth of your company.

Who is TransMark Best Suited For?

TransMark is a heavy duty industrial printer designed specifically to perform under the unique conditions of rubber manufacturing. The durable and compact design in combination with increased branding capabilities can lead to leaner, more functional and more effective rubber marking.

Why Choose The TransMark Classic?

TransMark Classic Features

You are:

  • Printing onto clear transfer film
  • Looking to improve your rubber marking process
  • Interested in incorporating lean manufacturing principles
  • Struggling to maintain printer wellness in your rubber manufacturing environment
  • Wanting to increase your image quality

We work with you…

As a solutions partner we are dedicated to your success, which is why we offer a number of service contracts to further improve your rubber marking solution.

By agreeing to a service contract you can rest assured your TransMark Rubber Belt Printer is in good hands. Under our contracts we agree to make regular service visits where we perform wellness checks, maintenance and discuss further opportunities for process improvement. Some of our past experiences servicing customers have led to the development of products including the TransMark solution itself!

Find out how Computype helped a large rubber manufacturing  company improve their systems during regular service visits

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