Computype RLS Ceramic Cooling

Receive emergency support for COVID-19 sample identification and testing 

Need immediate support and resources to help fight COVID-19? Our virtual sales process can provide you with the shortest path to an effective labelling solution.

During these critical times we are prioritizing your needs and ramping up our production to ensure consistent supply.

Whether you need an accurate sequence of barcodes, custom test kits, or you need to outsource your labware identification altogether we are here to help you find the best solution.

Plan on an initial 15-20 minute conversation where we'll discuss exactly what you're trying to accomplish. In order to expedite the whole process, plan to talk through some specifics relating to container size, volume goals, barcode needs, and project timeline.

We’re all in this together- and we’re humbled by the opportunity to support the impactful work you’re doing.

Just fill out your contact information to schedule your consultation with a Computype Label Pro