How RFID fits with tyre production

RFID is proving invaluable in helping manufacturers identify, track, and manage tyres and other assets all through their production and distribution processes…

It’s a key component in increasing productivity, reducing waste and bringing down costs.

Small tags, big wins:
  • Total automation saves on labour
  • No line of sight required
  • Assets can report their status
  • Real time tracking 

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Higher read rates could reduce waste

It’s a testimony to the efficiency of modern barcode systems that read rates can be as high as 99.8% - that’s a remarkable statistic, drawn from a real tyre plant.

The problem for the plant in question is that due to the high volume of tyres produced, even this read rate results in around 40 tyres being removed daily from the line for costly rework.

RFID has the potential for even higher read rates, as no line of sight is necessary for the system to operate effectively.

With RFID, the implications for waste minimisation are hard to ignore.

RFID Layer