Epson ColourWorks C7500 Inkjet Label Printer

Epson ColourWorks C7500 Label Printer

A fast and efficient solution to your high volume colour tread label printing challenges

Meet your high-volume colour tread label printing goals with the Epson ColourWorks C7500 Inkjet Label Printer

Print full colour tread labels with ultra-defined image resolution quickly and on-demand to meet your tread label throughput, aesthetic and legislative requirements.


What can the Epson C7500 do for you?

  • Add flexibility with the ability to store hundreds of label formats right on your printer. This allows you to keep every format you need on hand, making change-overs and correction of errors and misprints quick and easy.

  • Boost productivity and reduce downtime with efficient print speeds, high consumable capacities and large ink cartridges.

  • Produce high quality, vivid tread labels with 600-1200 dpi resolution, full colour (CMYK) inkjet label print technology, for pristine logos and branding. Plus, variable information can be printed in-line.

  • Reduce costs with an industrial design, ideal for an active environment, the Epson C7500 requires minimal maintenance when used frequently.

  • Ensure Compatibility with Legislation with a print system capable of matching all of the necessary colours to meet legislative requirements.

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Key Features

Epson C7500(G)



(W x D x H)

15.4”  x 23.5” x 15.5”

Fits easily on a desktop or work bench

Print Technology


Provides vivid and accurate colour matching

Image Quality

600 or 1200 dpi

Two high quality print options allow the user to optimise the printer for speed or image quality

Print Speed


Two high speed print options allow the user to optimise the printer for speed or image quality

Media Width Capacity


Media up to 4.25 inches wide can be used, accommodating standard tread label sizes

Media Diameter Capacity

8” Roll

3” Core

High capacity to reduce downtime during high volume print jobs

Media Compatibility

Matte or Glossy

Black mark or gap

4 media options allow both wired and wireless communication between your printer and computer

Optional features

Rewind Unit

Optional cutters and peelers allow for quicker application while the battery pack improves mobility

High yield ink cartridges

Large ink cartridges keep your production flowing by reducing the amount of necessary downtime and maintenance.

600 or 1200 dpi print quality options

Ensure scannable barcodes and professional quality brand representation with extremely high resolution abilities.

11.8 in/second print speeds

Fast print speeds keep up with your throughput goals, whether you’re aiming to keep up with or increase volumes.

Media width capacity of up to 4 inches

Tread labels are typically around 4 inches in width, meaning the Epson C7500 will accommodate any standard tread label style.

Nozzle verification technology

This model has built-in Nozzle Verification software to ensure that each nozzle is releasing ink evenly for a clean, accurately printed label. This feature will detect any missing dots as a result of clogged nozzles. If the printer senses a clogged nozzle it will supplement with another nearby.

Optional rewind unit

If you’re looking to store bulk labels for later an optional rewind unit can help your facility prepare labels for storage.

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How to Optimise the Lifespan of Your Epson C7500

Computype Tread Labels

Compatible labels play a major role in ensuring the wellness of your printer. By utilising specially engineered tread labels from Computype, you can optimise the lifespan of your printer and compatibility with your processes.Chromaffix Labelled Tires

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Why is the Epson C7500 great for tread labels?

Although the Epson C7500 can definitely be utilised for a wider array of applications, we most often recommend it to our customers in need of a trustworthy tread label printing solution. There are four major benefits the C7500 can offer to tread labelling applications specifically:


Many nations have placed legislative requirements on tread labels to ensure safety information is easily accessible to end customers in retail situations, and many of these requirements include colour. With the C7500 you can keep your printing in house to accommodate necessary variable information, while also ensuring your labels remain compliant.

Additionally, tread labels are intended to appeal to and provide information to the end user, meaning branding is important here. By utilising a colour printer like the C7500, you can provide vivid and appealing imagery, accurate information and brand representation to your tread labels.

Print Width

Standard tread labels measure around 4 inches in width, making the Epson C7500 with a 4.25 inch width capacity, a great match.

Print Speeds

Most tyre facilities move fast, so your printing solution needs to keep up. The Epson C7500 can print at speeds up to 11 inches per second, making it an ideal match for facilities with high throughput goals.

Reduced Downtime

Another way to ensure your print solution can keep up is to reduce downtime, and there are three ways the Epson C7500 can do this: high storage volume, high yield ink cartridges and nozzle verification technology.

For starters, the ability to store hundreds of label formats right on the printer itself makes them more accessible when the need arises. Whether it’s time for a changeover, or a torn label needs to be replaced, switching to another label format can be done quickly and easily, reducing downtime.

Second, replacing ink cartridges can be a hassle, especially when it has to be done frequently. With the C7500’s high yield cartridges your workflow can go uninterrupted far longer than with most standard options.

Lastly, nozzle verification technology allows another nearby nozzle to take-over automatically in the instance another becomes clogged. Without this technology, labels may be compromised due to a clogged nozzle and require reprinting.

EPSON tyre tread label printer

How much does the Epson C7500 Cost?

The pricing on the Epson C7500 starts around. This printer is on the higher end of the cost spectrum and for good reason. In addition to being able to handle high volume print jobs, it includes two unique features that allow for improved image quality and increased efficiency under high demand situations. These features include a unique style of inkjet printing and high capacity ink cartridges.

It also should be noted that the cost is subject in increase with adjustments in DPI capabilities and/or the addition of a re-winder.

Linehead technology with PrecisionCore printhead

The Epson C7500 features Linehead technology with PrecisionCore printhead. This technology differs in the way the ink is distributed into the media, reducing the opportunity for image banding to occur.

In traditional inkjet printers, the printhead moves back and forth across the media as they spray ink onto the media, which can lead to small white lines appearing between bands of ink. Linehead technology uses a special PrecisionCore printhead that evenly distributes ink across the entire width of the media, in a manner similar to a waterfall, preventing banding.

High capacity ink cartridges

The ink cartridges utilised in the C7500 are significantly larger than the ink cartridges used in other Epson inkjet models, allowing them to perform for much longer time between replacements.

Additional costs

Upgrading to the 1200 dpi model, adding a rewinder or any other features you may need tailored to better meet your needs will add to the cost of your overall print solution, so it’s important to be flexible with your budget.

We work with you…

As a solutions provider we offer guaranteed maintenance, service and technical support for the extent of your agreed upon contract in addition to any manufacturer warrantees. We do this so you can make the most of your investment by ensuring the wellness of your printer beyond the time periods specified by warrantees and reseller agreements. In addition to extended service contracts, we guarantee your printer will arrive in working order, as every printer we ship is taken out of the box, plugged in and tested prior to leaving our building.

In the tyre industry, a durable high throughput printer is critical to ensuring you meet your goals. We believe it is part of our job to help you keep things running smoothly by providing trustworthy solutions to your barcode printing and labelling needs. When you purchase a printer from a solutions provider like Computype, you are investing in not only that printer, but its wellness and all the benefits that come along with it.

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