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Chromaffix: Tyre Tread Labelling Automation System

Chromaffix: Tyre Tread Labelling Automation System

An intricately engineered, automated tyre tread labelling system

Support growth and efficiency with our automatic tyre tread labelling system, Chromaffix. 

Eliminate manual labelling and allow for easy legislation compliance by integrating a tailored Chromaffix tread labelling
 solution into your production line.


Chromaffix is an automated print and apply tread labelling system intended to integrate directly into your existing production line and improve your overall processes through increased speed, accuracy and efficiency. The unit merges with your existing conveyor system, scans the vulcanised barcode label of each oncoming tyre then prints, presents, and applies the appropriate tread label to each passing tyre. 


How Does Chromaffix Compare to Manual Processes?


Manual Application


Throughput speeds

Variable; up to 10 seconds per label

Consistent: 2-3 seconds per label



Consistent: Centered



Simple: Light monitoring required


Inconsistent and time consuming

Consistent and fast: Integrates directly into your processes

Real Estate


Fixed: 45.625” H, 25.875” W, 83.875” L


Human Elements

Ergonomic Design/ few moving parts


Ongoing Overhead

Budgeted ROI: $250,000 - any discounts that apply to your consumable and service plan



Lowest total cost of ownership

What Can Chromaffix Do?

The Chromaffix automated tread labelling system uses print and apply technology to improve not only your labelling processes through increased speed, accuracy and efficiency, but your overall processes. It’s able to do this through a unique set of features including speed, safety, adaptability, integration and support.


The Chromaffix unit is able to accurately apply labels in as little as 2-3 seconds per tyre. This allows you to incorporate the unit directly into your conveyor line without having to worry about any hold-ups.


The unit was intentionally built with few moving parts, an enclosed body and an ergonomic design to ensure safety and ease of use for line operators.


The articulating tamp arm of the Chromaffix unit adjusts to accommodate different sized tyres and apply each label to the center of every tyre.

Since every tyre manufacturer does things differently, Chromaffix was intentionally designed to be easily modified to meet your needs. Talk to your sales representative about additional safety features and other modifications your Chromaffix may need to adapt to your processes.


Chromaffix allows you to streamline your processes by integrating labelling directly into your existing workflow—removing any additional steps from your process. Not only does this unit fit directly into your lines, it uses your tyre barcodes to populate the variable data printed onto the tread label, ensuring tyres aren’t mislabelled.


We have engineering support located in North America, South America and Europe ready to discuss your Chromaffix solution in your time zone and in your language. Our technical team can log in to the Chromaffix system from anywhere in the world to fix quick technical issues related to the PLC system or HMI application.

Chromaffix Superior Service

How Will Chromaffix Improve My Tread Labelling Processes?




Print Technology

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer print technology provides crisp and durable imagery to ensure all information survives and remains aesthetically appealing along the journey from your processing plant, to the very end customer.

Print/Application Speeds

2-3 seconds per label

High print speeds allow easy integration into existing conveyer systems or other processing lines. Additionally, the high speeds and accuracy of the printing can reduce back-ups and allow for higher throughput volumes.

Height/Size Adjustments

Yes, automatic

Chromaffix scans the bead label of an oncoming tyre to gain information about what to print and where to apply the label. The articulating tamp arm will then automatically adjust to the appropriate height ensuring your tread labels will be applied in a centered orientation every time.

Colour Printing


A partial printing process can be implemented where static colour elements are preprinted and variable black and white elements can be printed by the Chromaffix.


Custom option

RFID inlays can be added to your tread labels, and a reader/writer to the Chromaffix so you can custom encode your labels. RFID can serve as an innovative and consistent way to communicate with end users.

Service Options


At Computype we offer a variety of support and service features to our Chromaffix customers. From remote IT assistance to on-site maintenance you can rest assured your automated tread labeller is being taken care of.

Looking for a more detailed list of specifications? Download our Chromaffix spec sheet.

  • Increase throughput with application speeds up to ten times faster than manual labelling

  • Maintain accurate and precise placement of labels on tyres of varying heights, every time

  • Reduce overhead & labour with an automated system that only requires light monitoring

  • Protect media, moving parts and operators with an ergonomically designed and fully enclosed system

  • Observe & manage printer status from a distance

  • Easily integrate with existing processes

  • Ensure the wellness of your Chromaffix system with a service contract

Why Should I Use Computype Tread Labels?

In any situation we recommend using engineered for purpose labels, especially when automation is involved. For this exact reason we recommend purchasing Chromaffix labels from Computype as they are specially engineered to work with the Chromaffix Automated Tread Labelling System.

Additionally, the liner needs to be specially engineered. Chromaffix labels require a uniquely flexible liner for smooth removal from the label before it rolls back around the liner rewinder.

You will find that Chromaffix labels range between $50 and $60 per 1,000, however, using engineered for purpose labels ensures optimal label performance and long term equipment wellness. To bring more value to our customers we also offer a discount on the Chromaffix system to customers who agree to use Computype consumables with their Chromaffix unit(s.)

What Can I Expect When I Choose Chromaffix?

Integrating an automated tread labelling system is a big deal! Which is why we recommend you stop and take the time to fully consider whether or not it’s really the best solution for you. Before you reach out, we recommend you look at the current state of affairs at your facility and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the real estate necessary to house a Chromaffix Tread Labelling System available in my facility?

  • Are there other areas in my facility that could use an efficiency boost where I can reallocate employees currently involved in tread labelling?

  • Will I need multiple units to accommodate multiple media types?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, feel like Chromaffix is a practical option for you, and you choose to implement a Chromaffix system, here’s what you can expect to happen from the moment you pick up the phone, through your ongoing relationship with Computype:

ChecklistStep 1: You’re interested. Great!

One of our Chromaffix team members will reach out to better understand your current challenges related to tread labelling along with your strategic goals. You are assigned a project manager who will see your Chromaffix installation through from start to finish. This person will be your primary point of contact and your advocate.  

Step 2: We jointly plan a site survey

Our technical team and your project manager schedule a day to come on-site and visit your facility. This is where we learn the most, as we can actually see your current process in action. This helps us plan the project scope and make recommendations related to label requirements, physical space constraints, software, etc.

Step 3: Proposal & Recommendations

Following the on-site visit, our team gathers their notes and thoughts and puts together their recommendations for what Chromaffix could actually look like in your facility. This proposal might include elements related to label design, budgetary figures, financing options, software requirements, and estimated timelines.

We’ll review this proposal with you, answering any questions you have along the way. The first version of the proposal is typically not the final version, as edits and revisions are needed based on your feedback. It can take a few weeks of collaboration before the proposal is agreed upon by both parties.

Step 4: Legitimate Quote & Business Agreement

Once the proposal has been agreed upon, a firm quote will be provided. This will include the price of the Chromaffix system, along with any development and label design costs. The quote will also include a formal date by which we’ll agree to perform the installation of the system within your facility. Pending your acceptance, its ‘green lights go!’

Step 5: Detailed Specifications are Developed

As you can imagine, there are quite a few details that need discussing (things like electrical requirements, temperature of the plant, etc.). Working in collaboration with your teams, the goal of this step is to mutually define the detailed specifications of how Chromaffix will actually work in your facility. The devil is in the details!

Step 6: Factory Acceptance Testing

Both your Computype project manager and technical team will facilitate this step. Labels are a big component to ensuring Chromaffix will actually work as intended, so, tread labels are a big part of this process.

Performed at the location of our automation partner, the purpose of the factory acceptance testing is to closely simulate your actual environment to determine what is acceptable in terms of functionality. The goal is to exceed your expectations, so if there are any bugs in the process its best to pinpoint and resolve them prior to shipping the Chromaffix to your facility. Factory acceptance testing typically takes one to two full business days. 

Step 7: Chromaffix is on the way!

Once any issues pinpointed in the factory acceptance testing process have been worked out and everyone approves, Chromaffix is crated up and shipped to your location!

chromaffix crate

Step 8: Receiving & Installation

We like to be at your facility the day of or the day after Chromaffix arrives to help with receiving. Our field team will help you to unpack the unit and get it properly installed. Installation typically takes a few days, and also includes commissioning and training.   

But that’s not the end of our relationship…

Chromaffix requires routine maintenance to ensure optimal functionality, so, as part of your investment, These resources can be really handy and can include: 

Local engineering resources in North America, South America and Europe. Isn’t it great when you can actually speak and work with someone who lives in your time zone?

Remote IT support for quick technical fixes. Our technical team can log in to the Chromaffix system from anywhere in the world to fix quick technical issues related to the PLC system or HMI application. Service doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Preventive maintenance agreements & routine system checks. Plan ahead for quarterly visits from our field team; they’ll visit to make sure everything is in tip top shape. They can bring replacement parts, answer questions or provide expert tips to improve functionality.

How Much Does Chromaffix cost?

The standard list price for a Chromaffix unit is $250,000, however discounts will be applied based on consumable commitments, service levels, etc. This pricing model offers our customers more value by providing savings in return for setting up your Chromaffix for optimal performance.

Why Chromaffix, Why Computype?


Both our Chromaffix unit and our company values are built upon serving and supporting your goals. We are confident that Chromaffix can benefit the tyre industry by providing an opportunity to make processes smarter and more efficient. In addition to reducing overall manufacturing costs Chromaffix supports the tyre industry with two major growth initiatives: Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. If your company is looking to increase productivity and efficiency through lean manufacturing and keeping up with industry 4.0, Chromaffix is a solution to keep in mind.

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