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Tyre Tread Labels

Tyre Tread Labels

Designed to comply with consumer awareness regulations, track tyres through distribution and logistics, and support brand presentation at the point of retailing

Gain the competitive brand advantage and regulatory compliance with our tyre tread labels

Tyre tread labels from Computype are designed to ensure dual achievement when it comes to supporting your brand presentation and complying with consumer awareness regulations. Engineered to be utilised with our Chromaffix Tyre Tread Label Applicator System, tyre tread labelling now provides additional opportunities for improved efficiencies, streamlined processes and labour reduction.

 Chromaffix Labelled Tires

Key Features

Tread Labels




Automation compatible Manual application

Epson Printable

Silver back

Choose the most suitable variation for your processes, whether your strategy involves manual or automated application, pre-printing or print-on-demand

Blank or

Blank, partially pre-printed, pre-printed

You decide whether your labels arrive blank, with only static and/or colour elements pre-printed or fully pre-printed to best fit your processes



Choose how you would like your labels to be die cut, or whether you’d like them to be die cut at all

Dry Edge


Choose whether or not you would like a dry-edge. We can help you determine if it’s necessary and how much of a dry edge there should be. This reduces your chances of adhesive ooze


Full range (pre-printed & partially pre-printed)

When you purchase your labels fully or partially pre-printed from Computype a full range of colours is achievable with pantone colour matching


Matte, High Gloss (pre-printed & partially pre-printed)

Adding a gloss or matte finish can provide aesthetic appeal and added protection from the elements

What Can Tread Labels do for You?

  • Integrate directly into your current processes with pre-printed or on-demand options and manual application or automation compatible options. Additional customidation options can also improve integration.

  • Accurately represent your brand when you order pre-printed or partially pre-printed labels from Computype with our Pantone Colour Matching System.

  • Ensure Tyre Identity with custom hi-tac label adhesives and dry-edge options.


Tread Labels Can Help You Ensure Compliance to Regulations

Many countries require manufacturers to clearly communicate specific performance and safety ratings for each individual tyre. Often this information needs to be available in multiple formats. One area this information is often required is on your tread label.

Each country has a different format for safety ratings and have chosen different features that need to be scored. The most common safety features included in tread legislation are fuel efficiency, wet grip/rolling resistance, and external rolling noise.

We are familiar with these regulations and can help you ensure your tread labels are compliant.

Looking to Complete Your In-House Tread Labelling Solution?

We are more than a label manufacturer, we are a solutions provider and we’re here to help you optimise your tread labelling strategy. To work alongside our tread labels we offer several print (and in one case, apply) options for your in-house label strategy, here are a couple of our favorites:

Epson C7500:

With the Epson C7500 you can print high-quality, full-colour tread labels right in your own facility. This printer offers fast, efficient, high resolution colour printing with a maximum print width of 4 inches, making it ideal for tread label applications.

For a print-on-demand and manual apply strategy, check out the Epson C7500 >

Epson C7500 Printer


The Chromaffix system is able to both print and apply tread labels precisely onto tyres with only light monitoring required. Utilising the Chromaffix system can increase speed, accuracy and efficiency in your tread labelling strategy, while freeing up employees to focus on what’s most important.

For a print-and-apply on-demand strategy,   check out the Chromaffix automated tread labelling system >

Chromaffix Tire Labeling Machine

How much do Tread Labels Cost?

Since we tailor our labels to the needs of our customers, several factors come into play when determining the cost of your label order. Here are the major variables that will impact the final cost:

Label Materials

Certain materials are more expensive than others for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons certain materials might cost more is related to their durability. Durable face stocks, stronger adhesives and special coatings may increase the cost in exchange for the extended lifespan of the label. If the lifespan of the label isn’t as much of a concern in your application you may opt for a less durable option.

Print Method

The print method you use will also influence the price. When you order pre-printed labels you gain access to extremely high resolution and colour-accuracy print technologies and utilising these technologies can affect the overall cost of your labels.

If you choose to utilise an in-house printing strategy, a few additional factors are added to the mix. You may choose to print your labels in black and white with thermal transfer technology, in full colour with inkjet print technology or in full colour by utilising a combination strategy combining pre-printed labels with in-house thermal transfer printing.

When considering a print method it’s always important to discuss your needs with your supplier so both your process requirements and budget can be met.


As with almost anything, as your order gets larger your overall cost will increase, however, consumables may be discounted if an agreement is made to purchase a certain quantity over time.

Application Method

Whether you choose manual application or automated application will affect the cost of your labels. We special engineer our labels to ensure they are optimised for their intended application method. Meaning your application process might require special materials or alterations that could add to the cost.

With these factors in mind, the average consumer can expect to invest about $50 or $60 per every 1,000 tread labels, but that is subject to change depending on any custom requirements necessary to fulfill your goals.


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