Tyre Barcode Labels

Tyre Barcode Labels

Serving as a license plate during the tyre manufacturing process—confidently track and direct your WIP tyres

Advance your tyre tracking process with our dependable vulcanised tyre labels

Computype vulcanised tyre labels are trusted by manufacturers in more than 40 countries, with over 400 million of our labels applied every year.

Whatever you organisation’s preferred manufacturing processes, Computype has the versatile solutions to match. Our tyre bead labels are part-printed or print-on-demand, and tough enough to withstand vulcanisation and abrasion.

Tyre Bead Barcode Label


Key Features

Tyre Barcode Labels



Size Options

Standard (1.15” x .0625”) or Custom

Choose from standard tyre barcode sizes or customise to suit a specialised application

Thickness Options

.75, .100 or .125 microns

Choose the thickness that best suits the aesthetic and functionality requirements of your tyres

Shape Options

Straight or Curved

Follow the curve of the tyre bead with a curved label, or stick to a standard straight barcode


Engineered for purpose

Our engineered adhesive system and label materials are carefully matched to your processes to ensure optimal performance under your conditions.

Print Strategy

Pre-printed or Blank

Order your labels already printed and ready to apply, or order blank labels that are compatible with your in–house printing solution

Application Strategy

Manual or Automation

Whether you’re utilising manual application, dispense and apply equipment or automation equipment, we have specially engineered labels to work with your processes

Application Method



We have options that are engineered to last whether you apply your labels pre-cure or post cure

Colour Options

Yes, custom

If you’re interested in adding colour to your bead labelling strategy, we can help


Gloss or Matte

Both gloss and matte options are available to accommodate your aesthetic taste and image protection needs

Abrasion Resistance

Tailored to your needs

We carefully engineer your labels to remain intact and scannable throughout your processes with specialised materials and print technologies

What Can Tyre Barcode Labels do For You?

  • Improve traceability with an accurate and durable tyre barcoding strategy.

  • Reduce downtime with labels that remain fixed and readable throughout your processes to keep your production lines running.

  • Cut-down on scrap and rework by choosing labels with dependable adhesion, resistance to abrasion and the ability to withstand vulcanisation.

  • Ensure sequence integrity when you purchase your labels pre-printed from Computype. Our quality systems ensure all label orders have been thoroughly checked for duplicates.

  • Lower procurement costs when you consolidate your tyre barcode label suppliers. Computype will work with you to ensure requirements are met at all of your plants.

Why Add Colour?

We offer our customers the option to add colour to their tyre barcode label strategy, why? Because colour can simplify the tracking, identification and organisation of your tyres! With colour labels your team can easily differentiate tyres at a glance to ensure they move through the appropriate workflow and find their way into the right distribution chain.

Here are a few examples of how colour can be helpful as part of your bead label strategy:

  • Colour code tyres by market

  • Differentiate even numbered tyres from odd numbered tyres

  • Distinguish brands from one another

  • Keep tyres organised by type

  • Identify prototypes at a glance

Looking for a Complete Labelling Solution?

No matter what your processes look like we can help you complete your tyre labelling solution with tyre tread labels and tyre barcode application automation.

Tyre Barcode Application Automation

Whether you’re looking for a simple label dispenser or a standalone printer-applicator we can help you find the most suitable tyre barcode automation equipment for your facility.

Cab Hermes Automated Label Applicator

Click here for more details on our tyre barcode applicators

How much do Tyre Barcode Labels Cost?

Since every tyre manufacturer has their own unique processes, their barcodes will need to be engineered to withstand those processes. This means that prices will vary from application to application.

Most facilities spend between $10 and $15 per every 1,000 tyre barcode labels, but where your facility falls within that range depends on several factors including: how your labels are printed, order volumes, customisation needs and application method.

Print Method

How your labels are printed will affect the overall cost of your order. You might choose to order your labels pre-printed or blank.

When you order your labels pre-printed you may be offered specialised technologies you can’t implement in house, and you receive the benefit of having your labels checked for duplicates prior to delivery. These are factors that will impact the cost of your order.

On the other hand, when you purchase blank labels the labels themselves will cost less than pre-printed labels, but ink, printer and labour costs will need to be factored in as well to best asses the best method for your budget. 

Computype recommends purchasing pre-imaged barcode labels whenever possible in order to guarantee sequence integrity. Read more about it here!

Order Volumes

As with almost anything, as your order gets larger your overall cost will increase, however, consumables may be discounted if an agreement is made to purchase a certain quantity over time.

Application Method

Whether you choose manual or automated, pre-cure or post-cure application will affect the cost of your labels. We special engineer our labels to ensure they are optimised for their intended application method. Meaning your application process might require special materials or alterations that could affect the overall cost.

Customisation Needs

If your facility chooses to make custom alterations, whether that be to the shape and colour of your barcode labels, or by adding RFID capabilities, these changes will increase the cost of your order.

It’s not to worry however, since in many applications adding features such as these add enough value to your product to make up for the costs.

Want to learn more about factors that may affect the cost of your labels? Read our article!

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