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Zebra ZT Series Label Printers

Zebra ZT Series Label Printers

Engineered to keep your critical operations running efficiently day and night

Deliver the ease of integration, operation, and management with the Zebra ZT Series label printers


The Zebra ZT series offers performance and design to accommodate your needs as they evolve. Flexibility, integration, ease of use, and simple management, available at two economical price points for excellent value.

Zebra ZT600

Benefits of the Zebra ZT Series Label Printers

  • Invest for the future with Zebra ZT Series for increased processing scope and open operating architecture that accommodate changing applications
  • Increase productivity with this printer series as its easy to learn and load, allowing users to concentrate on their core activities
  • Gain flexibility, with a wide range of media capabilities and delivery options
  • Gain connectivity, with standard serial, USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connections
  • Gain RFID potential as the ZT Series is easy to install and implement RFID capabilities
  • Gain integration and remote monitoring with the option of internal 10/100 Ethernet and IEEE 802.11b/g wireless networking, plus programming of language options

Key Features of the Zebra ZT Series Label Printers:

  • Print resolution up to 300dpi
  • Print labels up to 6” wide
  • Print at speeds of up to 6” per second
  • Accommodates printing of both linear and 2D barcodes
  • Compact design
  • Illuminated media and ribbon paths enable easy internal inspection


Thermal Transfer Printing Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Proven industrial print technology Low risk investment, validated process, expert resources available Reduced downtime, short learning curve, overall risk reduction
Transfer of head provides a durable image when used with Computype materials End result survives chemical and water exposure; resistant to smudging Confidence in a reliable solution, label will survive its purpose; reduce need for relabelling projects
Efficient print speed and pristine image quality Increased throughput and operational efficiencies Reduction in label operation costs

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