RFID Advanced Tire Identification and Tracking

RFID is helping manufacturers to identify, track, and manage tires all through their production and distribution processes, increasing read rates, cutting labor costs, reducing scrap and rework…


40 years tire industry experience counts

Computype has been working with tire manufacturers worldwide for 40 years. Through these partnerships we’ve come to understand the processes you work with in detail.

So when it comes to applying RFID technology in tire production, our unrivalled materials engineering expertise, industry knowledge and collaborative approach are key.

They ensure that your RFID solution is custom designed and built to work through your demanding processes, such as vulcanization.

Benefits you can depend on

  • Total automation saves on labor. The chip-held data is accessed or managed automatically
  • Easily integrated system – Computype’s RFID solution is proven to be simple to integrate and reliable in demanding, high volume tire production environments
  • With no line of sight required, exceptionally high read rates are achieved, minimizing waste and rework
  • Labels are designed and engineered specifically to handle the demands of tire production
  • Real time tracking – tires can be reliably tracked from the moment the smart label is attached to a ‘green’ tire, through all processes and distribution
  • Along with its unique ID information, the label can receive, store and transmit dynamic data relating to differing points in the tire’s ‘lifetime’
  • Color-correct and high quality branding reproduction - Computype’s hybrid smart label enables excellent print quality

RFID at a glance

RFID is essentially an extremely inexpensive form of wireless communication combined with an equally low cost computer – the chip itself.

The chip – or computer – within the passive tag is powered by the energy of the radio waves it receives, driving its read/write capabilities whenever the reader emits its signal.

RFID Diagram

This is a representation of how the simple passive tag version of RFID operates. The reader creates an electromagnetic field, and transmits information to the tag. The tagnis powered-up and ‘back scatters’ the reader’s signal, to transmit information back to the reader.

RFID Layer

Computype’s custom label solution for tires

Robust materials science is the key to reliable RFID performance in demanding situations such as tire production.

The diagram shows Computype’s ‘hybrid’ smart label, combining human-readable information, a conventional barcode and an encapsulated RFID tag.

One of the great added advantages of this solution is that color-correct branding high quality print can also be achieved.

We’re easy to work with

Computype’s design and engineering teams will work with their counterparts in your organization collaboratively.

We can help establish precisely how RFID technology will add the most value to your specific situation. Working in partnership with your teams, Computype can help produce a business case justification for your RFID adoption, right through to design, sourcing, installation, and commissioning.

Want to know more? Download our RFID solutions datasheet now.