Not sure what's possible with RFID?


If you’re new to RFID
enhanced labels and tag technology, the amazing variety of options available can seem overwhelming!

That’s why the Computype RFID Engineering team has put together a kit of compatible hardware and software to remove the complexities of getting started.

The kit provides everything you need to print, encode, and read High Frequency RFID enhanced labels.

By downloading the brochure, you'll learn how simple it is to make RFID work for you.


Making RFID work work for you has never been simpler

Our mission is to provide innovative
solutions and services tailored to your
needs. We’re not just a voice on the phone;
we’re your strategic partner.

Computype’s innovative solutions and
services come in a number of different
forms. We have off the shelf labels and RFID
inlays that are already tested to withstand
the demanding needs of your harsh
environments. Additionally, we’re able to
quickly develop custom-solutions, and take
ownership in your project.

RFID Label Development Kit Brochure