Microscope and Histology Slide Labeling.

Uniquely engineered, durable labels for microscope and histology slides. Xylene resistant, stain proof labels with a protective laminate cover to safeguard your label information and ensure fast and accurate diagnostic testing.  

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Computype leads in sample identification with our vision-based inspection system that eliminates duplicate and no-read barcodes and guarantees first-time scannability.


Our labels are engineered to endure extreme temperature cycles and chemical exposures to ensure that your laboratory never loses track of a sample.


Source pre-identified microplates and eliminate label application from your laboratory altogether. Our pre-barcoded labware arrives ready for immediate use to help save your lab time and boost throughput.


Monitor and track your samples and inventory through a centralized data hub. Our cloud-based digital traceability platform provides end-to-end traceability throughout your entire supply chain. 

Xylene-resistant histology slide labels.

Durable Label Materials

Our highly engineered histology slide labels are designed with quality materials and a strong face stock to withstand staining, abrasions, and harsh chemical exposure. In addition to providing pre-identified slides for applicable circumstances, Computype supports in-house thermal transfer printing with carefully matched ribbon and label stock to ensure high-quality barcode images. 

Protective Laminate Flap Labels

Computype FLAP labels are a solution designed to address the difficulty many laboratories experienced in preserving slide label integrity. The label itself has the barcode and label information on the left side and a laminate cover waiting on the right side. In addition to protecting the barcode image this succeeds in creating a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the stains from coming into contact with the barcode.

Laboratory Resource Management

Tracking high-value samples across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

Laboratory desktop barcode label printers.

cab MACH 4S

The cab MACH 4s is a robust, cost-effective solutions which is ideal for applications involving small labels. This model is a versatile thermal transfer printer that can support laboratory labeling and printing with ease.

Zebra ZD Series

Zebra printers have long been a favorite within within the healthcare industry, and the Zebra ZD series is made up of reliable, high-quality models that would suit any laboratory environment. 

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