Indusry 4.0 LP

Necessities for a sound 4.0 foundation

  • Automation

  • System Integration

  • Data Exchange

  • Security

  • Speed & Efficiency 

  • Simplicity

  • Brand Integrity

  • Cyber Physical Systems

Download the whitepaper to learn about automated labeling's role in laying the groundwork for Industry 4.0

The Pivotal role of Automatic Labeling in Industry 4.0

The Components of Industry 4.0 can be broken down into 4 distinct elements:

1. Interoperability - giving machines, products, and computers the means to connect and interact with each other

2. Machine Intelligence - systems able to compile a digital copy of the physical world by populating digital plant models with data gathered from sensors

3. Real Time Information - systems supporting people by giving them the alerts and information to make correct and timely decisions. This can extend to actioning cyber interventions to perform necessary tasks

4. Automated Decisions - systems enabled to make their own decisions and to perform related actions as autonomously as possible/is desirable


Chromaffix Labeling Automation.png