With global experience serving the diagnostics and analytical equipment markets, Computype understands how your business works and what your customers are trying to achieve.  In an industry defined by providing faster and more accurate tests and diagnoses, we understand your everyday challenges as it relates to research and innovation.  It is for these reasons that we’ve succeeded in developing leading labeling systems for the global diagnostics industry.

In an increasingly complex field, Computype offers dependable automatic ID solutions to match your most exacting specifications.

  • Hybrid RFID barcodes for qualitative and quantitative tracking of reagents and other consumables
  • Materials and adhesives specifically engineered for reagent resistance and harsh chemical processes
  • Vivid color labeling options for branding, product identification, or packaging
  • Product development extension for optimal systems integration


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 READY Labware Services

When you trust your labware prepping, barcoding, and kitting activities to Computype, you and your customers gain instant efficiency and productivity benefits.

  • Increase throughput and process workflows with labware that’s sourced, barcoded, tared, and packed according to your specifications upon arrival   
  • Reduce the time, effort, and storage space that in-house labeling, container storage, packaging, and kitting can demand
  • Free up staff time to work on more important things like testing and research
  • A choice of Pressure-sensitive, Direct Mark, and fired-on Ceramic ID options allow READY Labware to match your process demands and budget precisely
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 Harsh Environment Labeling

Over the years, we’ve partnered with many anatomical pathology labs and diagnostic instrumentation suppliers. The education gained through these relationships have resulted in labeling solutions that meet your needs in demanding, everyday environments.

  • Reagent and solvent resistant label stock, media, and adhesives to ensure tests are performed accurately and efficiently
  • Xylene and paraffin resistant cassette labels and H&E/special stain resistant slide labels, to ensure survivability through tissue processing while improving the timing and accuracy of test results
  • Solutions to meet the challenges of cryogenic storage and microwell plate labeling so you have confidence that the integrity of the sample will survive
  • Pre-printed and print-on-demand options to integrate with and enhance your labeling practices
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 Automation Integration

We offer a range of labeling products and automation technologies that are easily implemented and integrate with your existing workflow processes.

  • Labeling systems that increase the throughput, efficiency and productivity of your automation through precision barcodes and labeling integrity
  • Enhance entire workflows with turnkey automation additions
  • Expert support to educate, validate and ensure your solution performs according to your specifications
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