In Transfusion Medicine, critical issues such as accuracy and traceability require labeling systems to perform to precise standards. With over 35 years’ global experience and an understanding of the changing industry landscape, Computype offers the dependable, customizable and compliant solutions you need.

Computype solutions deliver certainty in flexible ways

As the largest provider of DIN sets in both North America and Europe, you can be sure that Computype will devise a labeling solution for your collection center that provides you with peace of mind, accuracy, and efficiency. When you trust your labeling to Computype, you’re entering a solid partnership. We gain and retain customers because we have the technologies, industry understanding and global representation to meet your needs. But just as importantly, your Computype Label Pro provides a one-on-one relationship to ensure your unique expectations are exceeded.

Blood centers big and small around the world find value in our dual manufacturing facilities, which ensure a constant supply of critical blood labels regardless of local conditions. We understand the intangible value of a unit of blood, and what it can mean to both the donor and the recipient; you can be confident that Computype solutions support these life-saving missions.

Transfusion Medicine Compliant and Error-free Labeling

90% of North America’s blood supply is identified with Computype labels, and we have a strong & growing presence in Europe as well. Many would agree that Computype is the preferred global supplier of blood banking identification solutions.

  • Our Vision Systems guarantee unique identification, scannability, and duplicate-free DIN sets. Database management services ensure peace of mind in knowing all barcodes have been scanned and validated prior to use
  • Increase efficiencies and reduce errors with fully compliant labels and systems you can depend on
  • Global coverage with dual manufacturing facilities plus local account representation ensure you receive a precise and timely solution, regardless of circumstances
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Transfusion Medicine Automation and Integration

DIN sets, ISBT-128 compliant blank labels, print stations, and special project labels ensure your entire process is supported from collection to distribution

  • Verified barcodes and compliant blank labels reduce errors and interruptions while supporting downstream automation
  • Expert support, local service, and ready-to-ship blank labels guarantee system efficiencies and accuracy
  • Closed-loop solutions consisting of print stations, label stock, and software easily integrate with existing infrastructure to provide dynamic implementation
  • Reduce errors and improve peace of mind as Computype utilizes an in-house Vision System to scan and verify every DIN label, ensuring scannability prior to shipment
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