GHS compliance – why choose Computype?

It’s a matter of experience. For over 35 years, Computype has specialized in regulated labeling for industries like life sciences and tire manufacturing. Computype was also instrumental in the establishment of ISBT-128 in the Transfusion Medicine industry and continues to support that effort on a global scale. Our team offers in-depth knowledge of compliance implementation that not only meets regulations, but also offers productivity and process improvements.

It’s not just about meeting an obligation

GHS may be a mandatory requirement, but when implemented with Computype’s assistance, compliance can also bring efficiency and cost benefits to your organization.

  • GHS delivers a safer workplace for your employees and all those who handle your product
  • Consistent and compliant labeling equates to fewer challenges and barriers associated with international trade
  • Less time spent on documentation and administration lead to increased productivity
  • Combined with Computype’s ability to thoroughly audit your labeling processes, applying GHS gives an opportunity to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Are you still facing challenges regarding GHS compliance?

If you’re still experiencing challenges regarding how to implement GHS in your facility, or if your initial effort to become compliant was a short term fix, we’re here to help. Computype offers the experience and a systematic approach to recommending process improvements that demonstrate efficiencies, cost savings, and compliance.

GHS Compliance

On-site review

Computype will start by auditing your existing labeling systems. Working closely with your team, together we’ll identify what’s working, and what could be improved upon.

We’ll conduct this review with GHS compliance as the end goal, but also take into account your own internal goals so that our proposals match your organization’s ambitions.

At this early stage we will also initiate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring. This helps classify your products, and identifies what label materials, signal words and pictograms will be required. Computype partners with ChemADVISOR for SDS authoring - you can be sure this crucial first step in creating your GHS solution will be thoroughly and professionally handled.

Comply and improve

Our teams will take the opportunity to build process enhancements into your comprehensive GHS compliance plan, so efficiency improvements and LEAN processes are fully supported.

With the need for labels that include color, it is critical to choose the best print technology for your organization, process, and goals. Computype can help determine whether inkjet, thermal transfer, or other technologies will best suit your color labeling demands.

GHS label

Meeting your process demands

Computype label solutions include a comprehensive portfolio of compliance options. Our engineered labels can handle harsh environments, BS-5609 overseas shipping specifications, and minimal space requirements.

In terms of boosting efficiencies and throughput, we offer turnkey print-and-apply label applicators that can be easily integrated into your production environment.

Whatever form your GHS solution takes, it will be designed and implemented by partners who understand your industry and the requirements of OSHA in the US, and counterpart organizations across the globe.

Smooth integration with your systems and processes

Computype will ensure a seamless integration of GHS compliance with your existing systems. Our software capabilities support ERP/database integration and label design – including format centralization, management and auditing of format design, revisions and approval processes.

Compliance also provides business benefits:

  • One clear, concise hazard communication system allows you to streamline your operations - increasing efficiency, saving costs and improving throughput
  • The opportunity to virtually eliminate OSHA fines, and those of other safety agencies worldwide
  • Fewer health and safety risks, reduced insurance and liability costs as a socially and environmentally responsible organization

Global scope, local service

Wherever you are in the world and whatever level of support and service you require, Computype will deliver based on your specifications. A truly global organization coupled with a worldwide initiative equates to unmatched solutions, support, and workplace safety.

Technologies that match GHS and your process efficiency goals

Computype’s fully supported range of printing, automation, and software technologies will give you the solution that meets GHS requirements, while also delivering process and workflow efficiencies to your organization.

John Masica

Advice from Computype's expert

Watch your print speed! Lowering the printer’s print speed will give you increased print quality at a lower heat setting. Operating at a lower heat setting can extend the life of the print head.

-John Masica, Technical Support Specialist