Automotive Labeling

Thousands of parts comprize an automobile, and all of them are crucial to the performance and safety of the vehicle. Computype never loses sight of this fact; our solutions enable the efficient and accurate traceability of every component


The challenges…

  • Losing track of parts due to misplaced, lost or unreadable labels can be costly in both time and labor.
  • If the label is required to provide critical safety information or operating instructions but fails to do so, the results can be serious.
  • Wasted time and labor on rework, scrap, process hold ups, legal issues – something as seemingly insignificant as a label can have a major impact on quality, efficiency, and safety.
  • To ensure dependable labeling you need to find a partner with proven industrial labeling expertise, people who understand your processes and all the traceability and data capture challenges these processes can create.

… the Computype solutions

We deliver comprehensive labeling expertise to match the challenges you face:

  • Custom engineered label materials and adhesives – proven performance in extreme environments and areas of high wear and tear
  • High performance label and die cut part applicator systems – providing high accuracy placement and reduced manual labor
  • Barcoding certainty – our Vision system guarantees pre scanned barcodes with no risk of duplicates
  • Systems integration – solutions designed and engineered to easily fit with your existing production equipment
  • Software development – specialist teams who can create bespoke software to match your needs and connect your systems
  • Consultancy – partners who will take an in depth view of your tracking and data capture requirements and define the best solutions for overall process improvements

Harsh environment labeling

Our in-house material science capabilities allow Computype to engineer labels to match very specific requirements. Whether it’s high temperatures, pressure, corrosion, dirt, vibration, or abrasion, we have a bespoke approach to creating labels that survive in even the harshest environments.


As Industry 4.0 becomes more and more of a reality for the manufacturing industry, Computype’s proven abilities in precision print-and-apply automation offer the perfect fit with current and next-generation cyber-physical processes in the Automotive sector.

Sequential barcoding

Computype has been a world leader in barcoding in all its forms for over 40 years. With even the smallest component labels we bring precision and sequence integrity to your production - cutting downtime, increasing efficiency, and enhancing tracking as a result.

Track and trace

Computype quality means every constituent of your labeling system is optimized for performance, so accurate tracking and tracing of parts and components becomes much more dependable. As important as this is to efficient processes, it’s also invaluable in informing production analysis and sequencing the most productive work patterns.


While adhering to Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), lean manufacturing initiatives, 5S, and ISO Plus, we understand that quality has never been more crucial. We have in depth experience of meeting these standards – partnering with Computype ensures compliance in the most effective and efficient ways.


Paint Patch –  labels are applied to the uncoated item protected by a removable over-laminate. Once the unit has been painted, the label can be revealed by simply peeling away the overlay, leaving the paint finish perfectly intact.


Heat Seal Labels – the heat-activated nylon material forms a strong bond with the substrate, and the resulting label remains scannable through repeated washing and chemical processes.

Wire Harness Labels – printed at the point of use, these labels ‘flag’ over cylindrical wires to create a durable labeling system with flexibility built-in. These labels are designed to withstand demanding environments, and can be customized to suit your specific application.

Electronic Circuit Boards & Sub Assembly Labels – our precise print quality and high heat-resistant materials extend to even the smallest labels. Used in conjunction with precision applicator systems, Computype can also guarantee precise label placement, for consistent production continuity at high throughput speeds.

Automation Equipment – we’re experienced in automation in industrial environments worldwide, with a consultative approach that ensures the solution integrates perfectly with your existing processes and data systems. We use only the best, proven hardware, such as the Cab Hermes Two Color Printer/Applicator.

RFID Solutions – Computype is a leading innovator in Radio Frequency Identification. From basic binary tags to passive and active variants, and in Near Field Communication, we are applying RFID in solutions as varied as apparel ID to tracking railroad cars, smart tires to ticketing.

High Heat Labels – Computype High Heat Labels can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade, ranging in material options from ceramic to stainless steel to aluminium.

Computype and Industry 4.0

In the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ automation and data exchange are becoming ever more integral to the DNA of 21st century manufacturing. Consequently, our smart ID technologies are coming into their own – in many ways Industry 4.0 is what we’ve been waiting for!

Cyber-physical systems, ‘the Internet of Things’ and cloud computing characterize this new manufacturing landscape. It’s highly dependent on things interacting with each other in sophisticated ways, so intelligent identification of components is fundamental.

This is smart ID, and it’s what Computype has been pioneering since the very early days of barcode adoption.