The Tires industry is highly competitive – it’s a sector where productivity improvements and efficiencies must be continually pursued. Computype understands your challenges and processes, that’s why our solutions always work hard for you.


Solutions built on tire industry experience

Because we partner with many leading tire manufacturers worldwide, we have experience developing and providing a wide range of solution types. You can be sure that with Computype, you receive tire industry expertise at the heart of the solution.

RFID Smart Tire Solutions

RFID smart labels add new layers of functionality for more flexible and dependable tracking of tires through production. In effect they can record the product’s ‘life history, from ‘green’ tire through to distribution, and even to the end of service life.

  • No line of sight required – smart labels can be hidden from view inside the tire, or even embedded in its structure
  • Dynamic data storage – data held in the label’s chip can be permanently held or over-written and updated throughout the tire’s life
  • RFID systems easily integrated with existing production lines
  • Save on labor costs – no need for hand scanning or any kind of human intervention
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Tire - Automation

Automating your labeling with Computype offers easy integration with your systems, and a range of added benefits.

  • We have a proven track record of specializing in labeling for your industry
  • Computype solutions will help your processes gain labeling accuracy and speed
  • You will simultaneously enhance productivity and reduce scrap
  • Effective automation enables you to make smarter use of your labor
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 Identification & Tracking Services

Computype provides complete and customized service to maximize the potential of tire identification and tracking for your production facilities.

  • Our service covers everything from specialty barcode advice to installing, commissioning and maintaining your solution
  • Our solutions allow you to monitor and control cycle times more effectively
  • Computype expertise leads to improved production and inventory management, so you will be more responsive to your customers
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Tire - Legislation

Computype has already partnered with European tire manufacturers and guided them through the process of implementing consumer awareness labeling. Our experience allows us to help you achieve compliance in the most efficient ways

  • Achieve compliance and simultaneously improve production efficiency
  • Utilize our expertise to implement labeling automation
  • Benefit from high performance labeling for both summer and winter tires
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