Why automate tire labeling? Why Computype?

The most obvious reason for automating your tire labeling is a combination of increased productivity and reduced costs. But when you choose to work with Computype, a whole range of additional benefits also flow your way.


Computype specializes in your industry

We understand the tire industry. With Computype you’re partnering with technologists who design and build automated label applicators specifically for tire manufacturers. Our solutions are not adaptations from other roles – they’re fully designed and engineered from the ground up to meet your specific challenges.

You get accuracy and speed

With Computype solutions you are assured of both these crucial factors. Accurate label placement on each and every tire, time after time, combined with the capability to run at high speeds that match your production line with total dependability.

You can make smarter use of your labor

Computype automation means you cut labor costs dramatically. Just as crucially, human error is out of the equation, so there’s far less risk of expensive re-working and scrap. You also get to use your people in more productive ways.

You have a partner that’s trusted worldwide

We work with leading manufacturers all over the world. They know they can depend on us to create the system that’s designed to handle the rigors of modern tire production processes.

Right now in 30 plants across 11 different countries, over 600 automated Computype solutions are saving money, time and resources for the world’s leading tire makers, all day, every day.

What our customers say

I have only good words about working with Computype. Whenever we’ve had a problem, your team has solved it fast.

I also have a good relationship with Juan from Computype. He has always given us the best advice.

I hope we can continue to work this effectively moving forward.

-IT Manager, Bridgestone, Puente San Miguel, Spain

You get tire bead labeling that’s 100% reliable

With Computype you have the choice of blank label systems or pre-printed. It’s all about flexibility: you can have a blank label system for print-on-demand, or ready-to-use pre-printed label stock. Whichever you utilize, all our bead labels have the durability and adhesion to last the life of the tire, and to withstand different vulcanization processes. So you reduce downtime risks, re-work and scrap. And in pre-printed systems, our quality controls ensure no label duplications.

You gain tread labels that stand out

Computype tread labels have been perfected to meet your needs. They’re tough enough to withstand all the rigors of the production line, distribution, and shipping processes, with special formulation adhesive that prevents adhesion and removal issues for both summer and winter tires. The end result is labeling that stands out on the shelf with clear branding and information presentation.

Tread Label Diagram

Your design process is perfectly tuned to your needs

Choose to work with us and our engineers genuinely become part of your project team. They work closely with your IT, quality, plant and production engineering teams to understand and deliver exactly what’s required for your lines. They will design, install and maintain your system to the highest standards.

Of course we hire people according to their relevant skills and experience, but we also select people for their enthusiasm. That’s why your Computype partners are always willing to go the extra mile to get things done.

How it works: Watch Computype solutions in action

Take a look at how Computype bead and tread labeling perform in practice.

Chromaffix - Our full color print-on-demand tire labeling system. Designed to automate the application of tread labels

Tire Bead Label Applicator - designed to automate the application of tire bead barcode labels


Advice from Computype's expert

The ability to print and apply unique graphic formats and/or variable data elements for each individual tire automatically offers some significant benefits. A measurable reduction of inventory, reduced label obsolescence and scrap, reduced labor, consistent placement and label application verification all add up to money saved and better product out the door.

-Computype’s Paul Burlington, Director of Sales Industrial Rubber and Tire Manufacturing

Where Computype solutions fit in the manufacturing process

Tire Plant Map