The TransMark on-demand solution from Computype provides a far more ‘production-friendly’ modern print solution for rubber product manufacturers. It’s the result of many years partnering with organizations in the tire and rubber sector – a fast, flexible, and multi—color thermal transfer print option that’s engineered to fit with industry processes and automated systems.

Color branding

Color branding

The unique TransMark system allows straightforward color printing on rubber – making strong branding a reality on everything from belts to hoses. Colors and designs can be easily changed, applying real-time information is flexible and simple. As a result, overhead, labor costs and inventory are reduced.



TransMark’s thermal transfer technology enables variable on-demand printing – information, designs, and colors are easily changeable. The technology is based on a simple ribbon and media kit, so you only print what you need, when you need it. There’s no requirement for storing stocks of pre-printed films, no waste when designs change, and no hazardous chemicals to manage.

A trusted partner

A trusted partner

Computype has been working with the tire and rubber industry for over 40 years worldwide. We understand the processes you employ and challenges you face. This combined with our innovative mindset and collaborative approach enable us to produce effective solutions like TransMark.

Rubber is a challenging material to print on – a conventional method such as screen printing is time and labor intensive, and comes with health and safety issues due to the hazardous chemicals the process requires.

Color branding

Working closely with partners in belt and rubber manufacturing, Computype has created TransMark. Color printing for rubber products, designed and developed to meet the specific challenges and demands of the industry.

With TransMark you can now meet the call for quality brand reproduction on rubber, in a variety of colors with no compromise on readability.

brand color

Brand in color

brand economically

Brand economically

brand flexibility

Brand flexibly

Pantone Colors

Simply more colourful

The TransMark system of thermal on-demand-printing adds branding freedom to the mix via a simple, reliable process. It offers the same dependability as white-only print-on-demand, but with a wide color palette to choose from.

Now you can apply and change real-time product information to your belts quickly and easily, allowing your production to be more efficient and agile.

On-demand thermal transfer printing also eradicates the need for solvents and hazardous clean-up operations associated with screen print.

TransMark is easily integrated with existing production lines and software, and is proven in practice to support fast, uninterrupted workflows.

Robust, industrial grade printers and fully supported expert print maintenance ensure continually efficient marking shift after shift, day in, day out.

Production-focused benefits

TransMark’s simple ribbon and media kit supports the printing of variable designs with no need to maintain a large stock inventory.

Changes can be actioned in seconds. So time and labor costs – particularly when compared to screen print – are dramatically reduced.

Because design and color changes are easily made, TransMark gives you the agility to respond to customer needs quickly and cost effectively.

And with no need to replace transfers or plates, re-work is far faster.

Every element of TransMark has been developed in close partnership with your industry. Computype understands your processes in depth, so you can be sure a TransMark solution is equal to the rigors of your production.

Temperature, Pressure and Speed Graphic


Print-on-demand offers a range of cost saving and operational benefits – the kind of advantages that will simultaneously cut costs and give your products a competitive edge in the marketplace.


changes in seconds

Print changes actioned in seconds

label stocks

No requirement for pre-printed label stocks

no hazardous clean up

No hazardous chemical clean up

TransMark has transformed printing on all kinds of rubber products

Manufacturers of engine timing belts, conveyor belts, ATV belts, fan belts, and airsprings are all discovering the advantages of TransMark print-on-demand.

Cut costs, gain agility

Cut costs, gain agility

With TransMark there’s no need to buy and store large quantities of pre-printed film, so you reduce overheads and free-up storage space. There’s also no waste when designs change.

Print-on-demand allows you to quickly change presentation in-house – it’s simply a matter of spending a few moments at the computer keyboard.

On-product branding is also easily achieved and changed whenever necessary. There’s no wasted stock of redundant films, and print-on-demand allows you to be highly responsive to client requests.

Faster, smarter print

The simple ribbon and media kit means you can print a variety of data in different colors, easily and cost-effectively.

Just a small number of transfers need to be stocked to create a large variety of print – logos, lot numbers, barcodes, and date codes, for example.

Artwork can be downloaded instantly to the printer, and any changes can simply be incorporated via email.

Health, safety, and environmental concerns are alleviated by print-on-demand, because there’s no requirement for the solvents and hazardous chemicals associated with screen print.

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    We have a continuous product development cycle to ensure we meet our customers changing requirements. This ensures we can offer our customers the right product for their rubber branding needs.

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