Does Your Labeling Strategy Promote Growth?

If your answer is no, or I don’t know—you’re not alone. Labels play an important role in protecting the integrity of samples, but their potential role as a tool for growth often goes unrecognized.

As healthcare labeling experts we’ve assisted numerous facilities in meeting growth related goals through increasing the efficiency and accuracy of their labeling strategy.

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What's In the guide?

This guide discusses automated label application and pre-barcoded labware as growth boosting alternatives to a manual labeling strategy, highlighting the following:

The benefits of each strategy
The limitations of each strategy
How these labeling methods promote growth

If growth is a goal in your facility, or you’re struggling to keep up with recent growth, you might benefit from a shift in your approach to labeling. We created this guide with the understanding that different labs must approach labeling and growth differently. We aim to help you decide which method is most suited to your needs and goals.

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Josh Miller

Josh Miller
Global Director of Strategic Solutions

Josh Miller is Computype’s Global Director of Strategic Solutions. With many years in both project management and engineering, he is able to provide expertise and valuable insight throughout our company and to our customers. Josh oversees the healthcare group and drives innovation to ensure we’re offering the best solutions.