Print-and-Apply Label Automation Allows for Increased Efficiency and Throughput at DHL


Customer Background:

From planning, sourcing, production, storage, and distribution to returns and recycling, DHL Express delivers worldwide, providing logistics solutions throughout the entire supply chain for customers in a wide variety of industries. They are a company with a vision to be ‘The Logistics Company for the World’.

Computype has been a partner of one of DHL’s distribution centers based in the United Kingdom for more than 10 years. This is a dedicated center for UK food giant Sainsbury’s, who recently won ‘Distribution Centre of the Year,’ for the second time in 4 years.


The Challenge:

This warehouse is home to the thousands of household products delivered daily. Once these products are delivered they are stored and ready to be picked, packed, and delivered to the hundreds of Sainsbury’s stores throughout the United Kingdom. To ensure a smooth and efficient process from start to finish, DHL uniquely identifies information such as the contents of the pallet, how much weight is on it, and its origin. Mark Legge, Computype’s site contact at this site stated, “We need a label that we can just put into the label applicator and not worry about it, knowing that it will do its job. This label is critical for us to know what exactly is on the pallet and where it is stored, so that when we come to picking and distributing we know exactly where to go.”

Our Solution:

To do this, they utilize Computype’s labels, which are engineered for usage in applicator systems. Computype has developed a pre-printed label on a roll that integrates with DHL’s label applicator. These barcode labels are then used to match up with the DHL system. These labels were created with an adhesive that is strong enough to remain on a pallet and withstand the warehouse temperature conditions.

How Computype Helped:

With the Computype solution, DHL has been able to easily and automatically label and identify their products making for a smoother and more efficient process. An employee stated, “Sometimes the pallets are damp or damaged so we need a label that isn’t going to fall off at a later state or become mis-read.” The Computype solution was able to perform as has proven to adhere to the surface for the long term.



“I find working with Computype a pleasure… one of the better suppliers I deal with. Any issues, and there are not many, are always dealt with in a prompt and professional manner” -DHL Employee