Pre-Barcoded Labware Reduces Labor and Streamlines Operations for a Large Repository


Customer Background:

One of the largest cell and DNA repositories in the world’s primary focus is supporting scientific research in finding cures for complex genetic diseases. Receiving samples from over 500 domestic and international collection sites, they also supply transformed human cell lines, DNA, RNA, and other biomaterials to researchers targeting genetic causes for disease management.

Over the last ten years, this repository has produced over 200,000 cell lines and distributed more than 600,000 DNA samples and biomaterials to National Institute of Health approved investigators.

The Challenge:

This company had been struggling with inefficiencies in its tracking and labeling processes and reached out to Computype in hopes to find a solution. This customer had been previously tracking its samples with manually applied linear barcodes.

While this process proved to be properly managing their collection, the abundance of time spent by lab staff applying the labels was clearly an inefficient use of time and labor. As this company manages a vast amount of samples, there is no doubt that efficient and reliable tracking solutions are necessary as the cell lines are moving from production to cryogenic (frozen) storage.

In addition to the inefficiencies, cost was a primary concern. Many of their contracts are based on government bids awarded in multiyear terms and with established fixed costs, so it was necessary to seek a solution that was affordable.

Our Solution:

After fully understanding their concerns and learning about their business processes, Computype proposed our READY Labware Services program. With this outsourcing service, Computype was able to provide the customer regular shipments of their specified labware pre-barcoded with Direct Mark technology to boost efficiencies and eliminate manual labeling from the researchers’ jobs.

This was a gleaming success; not only did this solution put an end to manually applying pressure sensitive labels in-house, but the use of a Direct Mark 2D code on the container took up much less surface space, while still ensuring consistent and reliable identification through the workflow.

The second component of the solution came from Computype’s partnership with glassware manufacturers. Because of this strong working relationship, we were able to directly procure the needed labware, ultimately saving the repository shipping expenses and paperwork, while decreasing turnaround times and streamlining the process.

The customer’s willingness to modify their processes and place their trust in Computype enabled a solution that would most benefit their strategic goals.

How Computype Helped:

Computype was able to supply the customer with solutions to problems they never thought possible to remedy. In the less than six months from conception to implementation, the repository was receiving regular shipments of pre-marked vials packed in sequential order for ease of use. This solution was completed on time, within budget, and integrated seamlessly into their current lab operation.




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