Cab EOS Label Printer – versatile label printing with a touch screen interface

The stand-alone Cab EOS Label Printer can store and recall multiple complex label formats, or save data to a USB stick. With its touch screen functionality, it is easy to queue label formats, add variable or fixed data and print-on-demand, with no need to connect to a PC.

Cab EOS Label Printer Benefits

  • Increase productivity, with easy touch screen control
  • Gain additional functionality, with easily programmed tools such as barcode replication
  • Manage more for less, as one economic unit allows you to store and manipulate many label formats
  • Gain reliability, as the German engineered build quality of the Cab EOS Label Printer ensures dependable performance
  • Save space, with the compact design

thermal transfer top tips guide

John Masica

Advice from Computype's expert

Watch your print speed! Lowering the printer’s print speed will give you increased print quality at a lower heat setting. Operating at a lower heat setting can extend the life of the print head.

-John Masica, Technical Support Specialist

Cab EOS Label Printer Key Features

  • Automatic centering of labels
  • 200 and 300 dpi resolution options
  • Easy replacement of parts
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • USB memory stick access

Thermal Transfer Printing Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Proven industrial print technology Low risk investment, validated process, expert resources available Reduced downtime, short learning curve, overall risk reduction
Transfer of head provides a durable image when used with Computype materials End result survives chemical and water exposure; resistant to smudging Confidence in a reliable solution, label will survive its purpose; reduce need for relabeling projects
Efficient print speed and pristine image quality Increased throughput and operational efficiencies Reduction in label operation costs

To learn more about Computype’s versatile labeling download the Cab EOS Label Printer Data Sheet, or contact Computype directly