Chromaffix dynamic solutions for automated tire tread labeling

The dynamic, print-on-demand tire tread labeling system that means eliminating the need for manual labeling and easy legislation compliance. Integrating a Chromaffix tread labeling automation solution to your tire production line is economical, straightforward, and comes with a host of cost and production, process, and business benefits:


Why Chromaffix? 

There are a multitude of reasons why it makes strategic sense to consider Chromaffix implementation to your workflow process. Here are a few key benefits realized by the top global tire manufactures that are already utilizing Chromaffix:

Key benefits realized by the the top global tire manufacturers that are utilizing Chromaffix

1. SPEED: You require an automated labeler that keeps pace with production

With fast cycle times ensures you can easily meet and manage high throughput speeds on your existing lines. Furthermore, the capital investment pays for itself quicker when you might even require fewer units to accomplish your tire labeling needs.

2. COMPACT: You require a tire tread labeling system that’s physically suited to meet space requirements

Chromaffix’s modest footprint requires less space for installation offering flexibility in how and where the unit is installed on the existing conveyor in order to maximize valuable real estate in your facility.

Chromaffix Automated Tire Tread Labeling System

3. SIMPLICITY: You require a system that is easy to commission and maintain

Few moving parts ensure greater ease of use & performance reliability, in addition to a reduction in potential system downtime. The simplistic design means there are fewer parts to fail, the cost of total ownership is reduced, and the label position accuracy on the tire is consistent.

4. RELIABILITY: You require an automated tire labeling system that ensures up-time

Engineered to perform in industrial environments, Chromaffix was designed with a protective shell to ensure machine hygiene; ultimately enabling less cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep over the life of the system. The simplistic design also ensures the unit remains reliably operating.

5. SAFETY: You require a system that ensures safety and reduces concern for liability

Chromaffix’s ergonomic design, coupled with fewer moving parts and a totally enclosed system ensures safety and ease of use for production line operators.

Chromaffix Automated Tire Tread Labeling System

6. COMMUNICATION: You need an automated tire tread labeler that talks to existing infrastructure

Boosting intelligent media, tension, and environmental controls, Chromaffix provides high efficiency, easy changeovers, and improved label application quality. In addition, integration with existing systems means a common host and one solid server platform

7. SERVICE: You need a tire labeling system that’s backed by world-class service and support

With a service offering equally as robust as the technical bits of the unit itself, the sturdiest of service comes standard with all Chromaffix installations

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How Chromaffix works...

The bead label of each tire is scanned at the in-gate stage, followed by automatic height adjustment, and a justifying arm that moves the tire into place for the applicator arm. A tread label is then printed and automatically and consistently applied to each individual tire. At the out-gate stage, the bead label scanner and tread label scanner offer a checkpoint to ensure data accuracy. 


The Dynamic Solution for Tread Labeling, Download the Chromaffix Brochure

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