Epson C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer – reduce costs and boost efficiencies

Your labeling costs are dramatically reduced as soon as you start using the Epson C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer, with many high efficiency features and full color printing.
Epson’s high speed C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer delivers high quality color labels effectively and efficiently, day in, day out – saving you money all the while.


Watch the video to see the Epson C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer in action

Epson C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer Benefits

  • Boost productivity, with a hardworking, robustly engineered printer designed for commercial use
  • Speed up your processes, with high speed print at up to 4 inches per second
  • Improve label presentation, with 4 color (CMYK) inkjet printing
  • Gain easy integration, the C3500 supports all major label applications
  • Make more efficient use of ink, via individual ink cartridges
  • No pre-printed label inventory required, print what you need, when you need it
  • Comply with GHS regulations, print full color chemical labels on-demand
  • Increase operational flexibility, by adding an optional un-winder or re-winder to the unit

GHS Label.jpg

Epson C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer key features

  • High quality results for color codes, logos and pictograms
  • Banding reduction mode, nozzle check system
  • Integral auto-cutter, easy paper loading and LCD display with printer status readouts
  • MicroPiezo® inkjet technology delivers crisp, clear print results
  • Print on wide range of label media – including plain, synthetic, matte and glossy stock

Epson® C3500 Accessory

Epson 3500 accessory

Unwind unit:

  • Attaches to back of the unit
  • Feeds & aligns material to printer base
  • Includes system controls

Rewind unit:

  • Attaches to front of the unit
  • Rewinds printed material
  • Tension-controlled

Epson C3500 Full Color Inkjet Printing Summary

Features Benefits
Print speeds up to 4 inches/second Increased throughput and operational efficiencies
Individual color ink cartridges Budget dollars spent wisely; no waste
Pigment-based ink Resistant to smudges and water; durable
Compact, industrial design Minimal bench space needed to house unit; Lean-friendly
Accommodates roll-fed/fanfold/die cut/continuous label materials Improve upon current methods with minimal spend/ process change
Unwinder/Rewinder accessories available Customizable to best match your process needs
Optimal performance with Computype label materials Improved economies from single sourcing

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